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*NEW  MOON*  in  SAGITTARIUS ::: December 6th 2018 11:20 pm PST ::: December 7th 2018 7:20 am GMT ::: December 7th 2018 6:20 pm AEDT


*NEW MOON* rising in Sagittarius on December 6th/7th, the same day Mercury goes Direct.
There are many moving parts right now as our worlds are being recreated and renewed.
Sagittarius New Moon coupled with Mercury going Direct is unleashing an inspired energetic stream moving us toward liberation as we long to explore new pathways and new avenues.
The energy is exciting, fiery and inspired, wanting to dismantle and begin anew. But we must be mindful in harnessing this energy and take caution against going too far into extremes.
Rather than getting carried away, we can harness this deepening force asking us to face and creatively engage in the transformation afoot. 
For on the deepest level, it is calling us to rise and meet our own deepest needs and longings.
We are responsible for our own happiness and so rather than looking outside, we need to turn inward and ask ourselves, what will ultimately feed and nurture our Soul and what can we do to shift into that alignment?
May we navigate these changing tides with grace and ingenuity!
Here are the Astral Insights from our beloved featured astrologers…


APRIL ELLIOT KENT from shares:
Sagittarius is a freedom-loving, papa-was-a-rolling-stone kind of sign… and this New Moon chart features a triumvirate of the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter in this sign, square a tight conjunction of Mars and Neptune in Pisces.
You may feel a strong urge to roam. In fact, you may feel that you have no choice but to run away from home—or your job, or your marriage…
“So you say the words that can’t be taken back, turn the key, lob the grenade, and some deep, savage, renegade impulse at the core of you screams ‘Yes!’ at the top of its lungs…
“It could be the best decision you’ve ever made. But with Mars and Neptune involved, it’s also quite possible that you… will return from your adventure with a big old bite on your butt.
“That’s what haunts us when we contemplate dramatic change: the fear of making an awful, possibly irrevocable mistake.
“You wonder: Are you going on a Spirit Quest, or are you simply, wastefully throwing away a perfectly good job/relationship/happiness with both hands?
“Interestingly, I don’t think we firebomb our lives, as a rule, because things are overwhelmingly, objectively awful. When that is the case, we usually don’t have the energy or confidence to make such a dramatic move.
“Rather, most people I’ve watched blow up their lives do so simply because they’re dissatisfied, for reasons they don’t quite understand.
“They feel unappreciated, unwanted, as though they’re not living the right life for them. They feel trapped, and invisible, and beholden to someone—maybe even a perfectly nice someone—in a way they can’t abide…
We step out onto the precipice at this New Moon. Where you feel trapped, you will find yourself yearning to wriggle free.
“But you don’t have to firebomb your entire life and start over.
“For most of us, it will be enough to approach the ticking time bombs in our lives cautiously and disarm them with quiet disclosures to the right people and a step, however tentative, in another direction. 
Ask: Where can you be more truthful, to yourself and to others? What are the secrets and fears that are preventing you from living authentically?
“The one thing you can’t do is ignore the untamed animal within you that demands adventure and freedom. If you tie it up too tightly, it will simply bide its time until one day, a door will be left open or a loose screen can be pried away just enough so that you are able to escape.
“If that time has come, and you are on the verge of throwing away something very important, just be absolutely certain that there is no other choice.”
© Copyright 2018 ~APRIL ELLIOT KENT  All Rights Reserved


ELLIAS LONSDALE interpretation of Chandra Symbol for this New Moon says:
“SAGITTARIUS 16 :A man shearing sheep. 
“Practical fortitude. Resiliency to keep finding a way to do it, to keep discovering how to get through the deepest quandaries, the greatest karmic traps.
“Ingenious and resourceful. Paying attention to the cues, going to get it right. You’re involved within a path which requires discipleship or apprenticeship, learning the ropes.
“Building up fresh capacity in this lifetime to scale the heights. But you remain preoccupied and absorbed within honest tasks.
A pervasive conviction grows and forms, of how it really is. You’re willing to take every step to reach a far goal, and attentive to what is really there. A throwback to the old ways of a rural past.
“Oddly comfortable in adopting forms and moving through phases and taking on the worlds. The journeyman learns the ways of the journey and gathers Earth wisdom in small bundles.
“Knowing how to be there when it counts.”
© Copyright 2018 ~ELLIAS LONSDALE All Rights Reserved
And LEAH WHITEHORSE from her LUA Astrology shares the Sabian Symbol interpretation for this New Moon:
“The Sabian symbol of the New Moon is : Sea Gulls Fly Around A Ship In Expectation Of Food
“The word ‘expectation’ is the key. If our expectations are too high, no doubt we will be disappointed.
“If we constantly expect others to ‘feed’ us, ultimately, we end up feeling empty because we don’t know how to feed ourselves.
“At this New Moon we must ask ourselves ‘What am I waiting for? And if deep down we know that we’ve been waiting for far too long, then it’s time to begin a new adventure. Emptiness cannot be filled by dreams alone.
“Yes, this chart has some challenges but if we make the best of these aspects, what we have here is all the wonder and joy promised in holiday season.
“Neptune’s glittering waves are reminiscent of hazy memories of a perfect Christmas. It’s gifts for the poor, charitable acts and the kind of vibe that makes everyone smile at each other on a misty morning.
“Paradise IS here, if we have the courage to look with an open heart. 
“Use your imagination as a tool. Everything you’re searching for is right here, right now. Reality is shaped by your beliefs.”
© Copyright 2018 ~LEAH WHITEHORSEAll Rights Reserved


And finally ROBERT WILKINSON from his Aquarius Papers:
“So from here Mercury moves forward!
“…Things related to Mercury will speed up considerably for the next three months, so flow with the new YOU you’re experiencing!
“Meditate on the symbol ‘The King of the Fairies approaching his domain,’ since that’s the foundation for Mercury to move forward. This is the promise contained in every form of Self-revelation arising from the depths of our Being.
“Choose to shape your outer reality in a form representing your ‘sovereignty over its various potentials in the creative realms’ of your imagination, and find the inner vision which will lead to a highly effective expression..
“As Jupiter rules the Sun, Moon, and Mars, be outgoing, let loose your heart’s potential, see what has to be done, and then do it!
“Once you have opened to a greater Life, Love, and potential, allowing your deep feelings to lead you to clear visions and then act with efficiency and precision.
Go deep into your experience of connectedness with life and others, and work cooperatively.
“Some will find themselves needing forms of camouflage as they walk their Path, even as deep feelings are stirred and important attunements with the invisible world are happening.
“Clearly we shall all be put through tests where we’ll have to make ‘leaps of faith to overcome duality’ as a practicum for mastery of these things….learn to flow when things are most frictional...
Keep developing ‘inner powers’ while learning how to tune in and cooperate with ‘angelic helpers’ to bring forth ‘divine help when human efforts fail (or seem to fail.)’
“Humanity still moves through its long term ordeal, where much in the collective mindset must be ‘crucified’ so that ‘compassion and understanding can rise from the inmost depths of Being.’
“At this time of fiery feelings and inspired deep experience, continue to open to new visions, truths, adventures, and perspectives as you dive deep into universal feelings.
Do not drift, or allow the fogs and seductions of mass consciousness to confuse you; find your way of moving through the Piscean dreamscape, and you’ll prepare the patterns you’ll act on in 2019.
“Soon we will all understand many things that were confused or unclear before now.
“Search for a new way to value what you’ve lost in recent months, reconnect with the sources of Life and Love at the core of your being, and open to the coming freedom to move onward and outward into broader horizons of Inspired Mind.”
© Copyright 2018 ~ROBERT WILKINSON All Rights Reserved


NEW MOON love + blessings!