“The boundaries of the individual life are not restricted by the boundaries of the body, and not even to those of one’s family or one’s home; they extend far beyond that sphere to the limitless horizons of cosmic life.”
“In view of this, the art of using one’s full potential means that the wave of individual life should not be confined only to the surface value of the ocean of eternal absolute Being, but should also extend to the depths of the unbounded ocean of Being, so that all the potentialities are unfolded, and life becomes strong and powerful.”
“When one’s full potential is unfolded, then every phase of life supplements every other phase, strengthens it and makes life more substantial, more glorified, more useful, and more worthwhile on all levels for oneself and others.
“A small wave on the surface of the ocean would not be a very powerful wave, but the same wave becomes powerful when it connects with deeper levels of water.”
“If the wave is to rise high to accomplish more and be more powerful, then the act of rising high should be supplemented by drawing in more water at the base…”
“It is within reach of every individual to fathom the great depth of the absolute Being, thereby supplementing and reinforcing the individual life with the life of the eternal cosmic Being…”
“Every wave on the sea has the opportunity to embrace within itself as great an amount of water at its base as it likes…Similarly, every individual has the opportunity available for himself the strength of unlimited, eternal, absolute Being, and thus be powerful to the maximum extend possible.”
~Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, from Science of Being and Art of Living: Transcendental Meditation