“Will is an empowering concept. It teaches us that we can make change in our material circumstances, if we put our will, intention, and energy into alignment.
“Sometimes that requires faith: we can’t always foresee how material circumstances can change in the direction we want-and maybe they won’t. But we will have changed, and be acting closer in alignment with what we truly value.
“Will is not willfulness, not whim, not mere intention to get our way. It’s our ability to act ‘as if,’ to set out even if we can’t foresee every step of a journey. 
“The more we exercise our will, the stronger it gets; and the stronger our magical will, the more we are able to serve what is sacred to us, thereby realizing our deepest dreams and desires.”
~Starhawk, from The Earth Path: Grounding Your Spirit in the Rhythms of Nature