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“You can ride this wave of light and experience more joy, peace, and love than you have ever known. Begin to do so by embracing your spiritual growth, linking with your Higher Self, and working with light. Take small steps as they appear to you, grow in harmony with nature and the earth, and then you will be in alignment with the higher vibrations this wave brings.”
You are building a body of light.
“You are rapidly evolving into a new race of beings. Because of the new, massive influx of light, a body of light is evolving in the human aura. The beginning stages of this light body are built around the heart and slightly above the heart in the upper chest. Some of you get chest colds, congestion, or heart flutterings as your light body is being built in this area. The new wave of light is challenging you to open your heart and bring both your “energy” heart and physical heart into a higher vibration.”
“Your light body allows you to become a radiating source of light. Much as the earth generates its own magnetic field continuously, as you build your light body you will generate and radiate light and spiritual power that will assist you and others in going higher.”
“As you become more radiant you may become increasingly sensitive to food. You may already be feeling a desire to change your diet or gain a new level of physical fitness, for your body is directing you to those changes that will allow you to hold and radiate more light.”
“As you build your light body, your intellectual mind will still be strong, but it will blend more with your intuitive mind. You will find yourself drawn to those things that are creative and challenge you to reach into deeper levels of your being. You will have a growing bond and kinship with all life-forms. You can already see this happening in humanity’s awakening consciousness of animal rights and the need to preserve wildlife and forests.”
Humanity is evolving into a telepathic race.
‘You are preparing to become a telepathic race, and part of your preparation is to become aware of many other realities. You are experiencing a constant flood of new information and input from many sources. This is assisting you in developing the quality of discernment as you decide what to accept as your truth. When you are completely open telepathically, you will want to have the ability to select what comes into your field of awareness, be able to stay in your center, and understand and detach from views and beliefs that aren’t in harmony with yours.”
“You came here to build your body of light and transform matter into a higher vibration. You call this transformation “spiritual growth.” As you grow you become your Higher Self, a being of light. As you grow you are bringing the high, fine energy of your Higher Self into matter and transforming the potential of consciousness in this dimension.”
Many of you are very sensitive to energy.
“Your sensitivity allows you to sense, direct, and work with the higher, finer energies that are coming. You volunteered to go first and to be on the leading edge of the wave as it moves through the earth plane, so you could find ways to grow and heal yourself and then assist others as they feel the wave’s impact. You may have noticed that in the last few years you have had to grow rapidly, go through much transition, and learn many new things. As this wave of light becomes stronger, more and more people will be waking up to what you are already experiencing. As they do, you will have more and more opportunities to be a teacher and a source of light.”
“Wave upon wave of higher consciousness is coming. Each one will create an enormous group opening, followed by a period of integration while the wave recedes. Each wave of higher vibration will be bigger than the one before. Its effects will be more noticeable because the number of people able to experience it will increase. Among other things, these waves will increase your desire to focus on spiritual growth and to discover your higher purpose. These waves will assist you in discovering the higher dimensions of yourself and achieving higher states of consciousness.”
“As new waves first come they may be felt as turbulence; they may shake things up in your life so you can make changes that will allow you to go even higher. It will become easier to go upward and be your Higher Self as each shift occurs. As you align with your Higher Self, you will no longer feel turbulence as these waves come, but will be able to use their power to lift you higher and take you to your goals rapidly.”
It is important to follow your inner messages.
“Many people may reject these shifts in the beginning, for to incorporate them may mean a complete change in the way they perceive and live their lives. Some may feel they are unable to handle the higher energy, and may try to deaden its effects through alcohol or drugs. Some may try to hang on to the old and find that doing so is an increasing struggle. Some may resist by criticizing the new ways or reacting with skepticism and doubt. Some people have to experience a high level of struggle and pain before they pay attention to and follow the inner messages they are receiving. At any point they can decide to follow the inner messages they receive and grow through joy.”
“Not opening to and flowing with this higher vibration will have larger and larger consequences. If one area of your life is stuck, unhappy, or doesn’t work, it will affect every other area of your life. It will no longer work to ignore those areas of your life you do not want to deal with. If you don’t like your job, are having trouble with a relationship, or live in an unsupportive environment, that will dampen your aliveness in every other area.”
“This new wave of energy will have a great impact on those areas of your life that have the least clarity and harmony. This new wave adds light to your life, but you can hold light only in those places where there is clarity and harmony. You will find that the areas that aren’t working become the most important to resolve and that doing so brings you the greatest growth.”
You can help humanity make this transition in a calm, peaceful way.
“Your alignment with this wave of light can assist humanity and the earth in making a calm, peaceful transition. The way you embrace the changes in your own life, seek out your growth, and let go easily of those things that no longer serve you will affect the course of humanity and the earth. The transition into this higher vibratory frequency can be made with love and joy rather than pain and upheaval.”
“Light is not yet distributed evenly over the planet; it is coming most strongly to those places you call “power spots.” From those power spots the waves radiate outward in larger and larger circles of influence. Power spots exist all over the world, in every city and community. You can recognize them by your increased ability to go upward when you are on them. We see power spots making up an enormous gridwork of energy that is growing and able to influence more and more matter.”
“Although these new energies are increasing, they are still very subtle. For you who have finely tuned your awareness through channeling, meditation, and other self-awareness techniques, the energies are more noticeable.”

It is important to nurture yourself.

“In this wave of higher energy, you will find you need to nurture yourself and follow your inner prompting toward joyful activities from moment-to-moment. As you nurture yourself, your desire to reach out and make a contribution to others will increase. The new times that are coming will place more importance than in the past on community, family, and connections with loved ones. You may find yourself wanting to network and connect with others of like mind, for much will be accomplished by people working together. Humanity is becoming more inclusive and group-oriented.”
“You have already witnessed the beginnings of humanity’s working together telepathically to create change in your global peace meditations. This collective effort by millions has already had a profound influence on the spiritual awakening of many people and is accelerating the spiritual transformation of humanity.”
“This higher vibration that is now coming to your planet is going to be even more compatible with you who are on a path of spiritual growth than anything you have experienced in the past. As you make the changes your inner messages suggest, your careers are going to take off, your plans are going to succeed, and you will get whatever you want that is for your higher good.”
“It is no longer a question of having what you want, but of making sure you want what you ask for – for you will get it. What you ask for will appear more and more rapidly, for the laws of manifestation are taking on aspects of the higher planes. In the higher dimensions, you experience what you think about immediately.”
“Never before have there been so many paths, so many possibilities, and the opportunity to choose what reality you want to experience. The most important aspect of these new energies is the opportunity they offer for joy, growth, and aliveness. They will help you awaken to the multidimensional being you are, tap into the greater plan of humanity’s evolution, and discover the part you came to play in these wonderful, exciting times of transformation.”
Copyright ©Orin&Da Ben ~Sanaya Roman & Duane Packer channelling “Orin and DaBen