“From the beginning of time, humans lived their entire lives primarily in direct physical contact with the earth. Humans have insulated themselves from contact with the earth by wearing synthetic soled shoes and living in homes that elevate the body above the earth.
“Consequently, humans are no longer naturally grounded and now the body becomes charged with static electricity and radiated electric fields can now create unnatural weak electric currents with-in the body.
“Today everyone is physically stressed, their muscles are tense, back and joint pain are the norm and most do not sleep well. These conditions all relate to excess stimulation of the nervous system and/or interference of the bio-electrical communications between cells.
“In the late 1960s, when humans were first widely diagnosed as being stressed, synthetic soled shoes, carpets and the like had just become popular and the use of electricity and household electrical devices tripled from the previous generation.
“We need to focus on being connected with the Mother by being barefoot outside.
“Bodies of water instantly ground us. Being grounded detoxifies us, provides anti-inflammatory properties, releases CO2 from our bodies, normalizes our pH (acid/alkaline balance), and balances us overall. Energies, as well as minerals from the inner Earth need to enter us through our feet.
“Touching a tree contains the same living electrolytes as the Earth, as well as a metal pole which is connected to the ground. EMF fields drop when we are grounded. The inner Earth is an infinite reservoir for EMF fields.
“Disturbances in our brain arise because of a disconnection from the Earth. The rubber soul isolates us from the Earth, and essentially each other.”
~Rudolph Steiner