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A few potent and beautiful words from the wise Sarah Varcas from her Astro-Awakenings.co.uk:
“Venus, the planet of love, enters her own sign of Libra on 6th August, remaining there until 9th September.
“Here she knows deeply the redeeming power of intimacy, encouraging faith in humanity and a willingness to see the world through another’s eyes.
“She is gentle and can’t be doing with arguments and power games, preferring a peaceful life which allows for kindness, appreciation and affection.
“Sometimes we let things get too heavy because we can’t let go and move on, even when getting our own way becomes a hollow victory at the expense of our humanity.
“Venus in Libra encourages us to expand the heart and embrace difference rather than harden around it.
“Whilst she may sound naïve about the forces unleashed in this world, her innocence is not ignorance but familiarity with love in all its guises.
“She knows that a commitment to love no matter what is the greatest alchemy, and far from denying the darkness within it embraces it, knowing nothing is rejected in the heart of the divine.
“We humans can be slow to change and quick to judge, slow to forgive and quick to condemn.
“This Venus assures us it’s all okay, this strange dance of life, these comings and goings, meetings and partings.
“She’s happy to wait in the wings, gently encouraging us into ever deeper love until we relinquish, forever, the needy and manipulative dynamics that often pass for it.” 
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