Here we go, on December 14th/15th we reach the 6th of 7 Pluto Uranus Square configurations that began activating since 2012. These cosmic configurations are like trigger points of our collective awakening/evolution.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved featured astrologers shedding light on the collective energies of the times. First from the wise CATHY PAGANO from her Wisdom of Astrology:
“These planets first came together to begin a new cycle of evolution and revolution in the mid-60s in Virgo (the sign of personal integrity), beginning the revolution that is continuing today regarding the environment, women’s rights, civil rights, holistic health, healthy foods, workers’ rights and spiritual awareness. 
“During the 60s, these energies gave rise to new ideas and beliefs which went against the grain of the culture.  During the past 50 years, our society has integrated some parts of these revolutionary energies, but not all. 
“Now these new beliefs and values need to be rooted more securely in our collective mindset.  Our economic and social structures no longer serve the people and it’s time to re-set our course, away from manipulation and domination and into real freedom and individual responsibility.
“A square is a 90* angle which brings about a change in direction, a re-orientation of consciousness.  A square’s energy lets you know that you’ve come to a crossroads and now you must choose which path to take. 
“A square calls for decisive action which often entails struggle and assertive action, often causing lots of inner tension and friction but also opening up our awareness to new possibilities. 
“The energies of these two specific planets can be explosive, but also enlivening. Pluto is deep, powerful life-energy. Uranus is out-of-the-blue electrical discharge, the spark of life.  Together they are brewing new life.  We are challenged to act on these new possibilities.  If we repress them, those life-giving energies will turn poisonous and implode.
“This square between Pluto and Uranus is very polarizing.  We are seeing many examples of that polarization between Pluto (the old) and Uranus (the new)…As the polarization gets wider, we are seeing all the cracks in our democracy.
“This 6th square between Pluto and Uranus will bring up issues of balance and cooperation, especially because both Mercury Venus are involved…Since Venus is the energy of harmony, love, beauty, and unification and Mercury promotes better communication, perhaps we can expect some actual change to happen both within and without.
“…The next step is for us to open our higher consciousness to a new vision of what we want our lives to look like so we can create a more sustainable and responsible way of living in the world and in connection to Mother Earth.
“Our deepest connection must be to the Earth right now, since that’s where the answers to our problems will come from.  We have to remember we are Earth’s children as well as children of Heaven, and realign ourselves with the World Soul—the consciousness of Mother Earth. 
“This consciousness is available to each of us when we listen to life with our imaginations and open to our dreams.  We’ve been trained to ignore and vilify the very things that can connect us to each other and to the Earth.  Right now, we need to find some Wisdom to deal with these changes, and Mother Earth and our own souls can help us if we listen.
“This is the challenge of our times—to open to our own brilliance and re-create the world.  We have to become conscious co-creators of life—we have to consciously evolve ourselves and our society to the next stage of human awareness.”


© Copyright 2014 ~CATHY PAGANO All Rights Reserved.


From the wonderful DIPALI DESAI and her Celestial Space Astrology:
“We are in the heart of the symbolic storm of change and highly creative raw potential as we fast approach the sixth aspect and symbolic activation of Uranus in Aries – retrograde ‘Square’ Pluto in Capricorn at 12 degrees on December 14th/15th, 2014.
“As always, astrological aspects are not a one day event, rather, like a wave in the Ocean that builds and then peaks, astrological aspects have a similar pattern.
“Yet this particular major astrological transit will leave portion untouched. Everything changes and sometimes in extreme ways with Uranus/Pluto square.
“As this stage of the major astrological aspect between Uranus ‘Square’ Pluto, the themes and issues are very familiar to each of us that have been consciously addressing and growing alongside of this aspect for the last two years or so…”
“…It is very likely that our personal metamorphosis may feel chaotic, painful and very uncomfortable. Breathe and allow it, know it won’t last and it is a moving energetic flow. Then we are moving along with it all than clenching down and blocking the flow of energy.
“Truly, we may not be in control over the evolutionary force or how long things last in the growth and or healing, yet we have the option to make a conscious powerful choice to move with ease and effortlessness through non-resistance and knowing we are guided and supported by all of life and the Divine.
“Yes,  survival issues are up now for some people. Money, job, health, life/death…’Can I survive? ‘Will I or this relationship make it?’
“Transforming this into a higher perspective is, ‘What is the main Spiritual insight and purpose of this issue or situation? What am I learning about empowerment and trust?  How may I be empowered and understand that this is helping me to outgrow one into another?’ ‘What are the steps to really live and thrive in my life than merely survive it?’
“These are helpful ways to begin to perceive issue/situation from a higher point of view (rising beyond dualistic thinking of right/wrong and good and bad of the egoic mind). Yes you will make it through. You are an empowered being as Soul, you can choose to express from this point to help yourself and your life.
“Uranus/Pluto Square suggests deep internal pressure and tension building to its peak almost demanding attention for transformation and change. This major transit signifies upheaval and upsetting the status quo.
“So deep-seated fears, anxieties, worries, addictive tendencies arise easily as these are in the way of trusting Life and the Divine that this is part of the unfolding to expand Consciousness and love on the planet and in yourself as well as in our life.
“It is a no-nonsense energy with a driven focus and with such extraordinarily raw potential as well. Yet the old order, way of life, self-image, relationship, habit whatever..has to go. It leaves space for something else to appear. The main key: Evolution.”


© Copyright 2014 ~DIPALI DESAI All Rights Reserved.


From the always insightful DIVINE HARMONY:
“We are heading into the 11th hour of the Uranus/Pluto square frequency that has been dominating our personal and collective experience since 2012.
“In june of 2012 the first Uranus/Pluto square in a series of 7 was exact- yet it was in 2011 (when the Fukushima tsunami happened) that Uranus moved into Aries, which woke up the collective anger, rage and need to take action. This coincided with the start of the rebellions and revolutions around the world. This was also the astrology that incited the occupy movement.
“At the heart of this energy is profound and transformational awakening! Yet often times humans choose intense experiences as the means to awakening. So over the last 3 years we are likely to have experienced breakdowns first- before the breakthroughs could come in and take hold…
“Well we are in the 11th hour of that high-energy frequency. This sunday the 6th of 7 Uranus/Pluto squares is exact- with the last occurring in march of 2015. These next several months look to be incredibly powerful!
“For one- the inner planets are all triggering Uranus and Pluto, which brings this collective energy into our personal experience.”
“…This brings in game-changing energy… if we have said we are done with the past and all the old ways of doing and being that no longer serve us but we have yet to really make the necessary changes, this is the time the Universe asks us to step up.
“…All of us have experienced Uranus square Pluto in some way in the last 3 years (even if it’s just by being a human on this planet and watching what is going on around you). If you happen to have planets or angles anywhere from 8 to 16 degrees of aries/cancer/libra/capricorn you have been in the line of transformational fire!
“…The good news right now is that Jupiter in Leo dominates much of the sky, because he is the planetary ruler (aka dispositor) of all the Sagittarius planets. So we are all gifted with the ability to rise above, see the Bigger Picture and have trust and faith in the outcomes and circumstances appearing in our lives!
“Sadge sees the silver lining and Sadge sees the glass as half full. When we are able to see the positive side of things and be grateful for our life experiences- even when they come with intensity- we will attract more positive things and we will experience greater growth.
“…The Highest expression of Uranus is liberation and awakening and the Highest expression of Pluto is empowerment and transformation. The opportunities and possibilities for all of the above to happen over the next 6-7 weeks are significant!
“…These are the cycles of life: what goes up must come down, what grows must get pruned, what is born must eventually die. When we can embrace these cycles- rather than resist them– then we will be working WITH the natural cycles of evolution.
“It’s only when we accept what is that we can really start to work on creating change.
“This is the tipping point at which we move away from being victims of circumstance to becoming masters of all we experience. Mastery does not mean we have control over everything- it means we have control over the few things that really matter: ourselves and our reactions or perceptions of what life brings us. Attitude is everything! “


© Copyright 2014 ~DIVINE HARMONY All Rights Reserved.


Hear Stevie singing…May we sail through the changing ocean tides, may we handle the seasons of our lives~~~
Blessings to all!


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