“In every moment the Great Spirit communicates to all creatures everything they need to know. Through ten thousand billion agents—angel, elemental, animal, vegetable and mineral— through the vast and subtle network of living design beyond the weather, before the wind, the truth is ever being transmitted into this world of form.
“It is up to each one to sense how that truth translates to him or her in each moment of the day. And this is as true for humans as it is for any other creature.
“The process is not complex, the sensing and translating is not done with the mind. It is an automatic process that occurs spontaneously below the level of thought when judgement subsides and allows perception to simply be, a natural process that takes place effortlessly when your mind relaxes its cultural interpretations and trusts you to experience the natural clarity that is always present-when you are present.”
~Ken Carey from Return of the Bird Tribes