◉ TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE IN ARIES  on October 8th 2014. This Eclipse is the second of the Tetrad of Eclipses and will be visible all over North and South America, the Pacific, Australia, New Zealand and East Asia.
Highly recommend you take time to witness this awe-inspiring moment when the bright Full Moon is covered by the Earth’s shadow and turns into a beautiful blood red Moon. 
No two Eclipses are the same as there are always different energies at play. With a Grand Fire Trine, and the Pluto/Uranus square being activated, this one will surely spark some *transformational* energies.  So let’s stay grounded, with our feet deeply rooted into Mother Earth, centered in our hearts and  open to what these creative and fiery energies will bring forth.  
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved featured astrologers. To begin, the wise ROBERT WILKINSON from Aquarius Papers sheds wisdom on Eclipses. He says:
“There is a lot of fear and trepidation connected to Eclipses…No Astrological event need be ‘bad,’ or have ‘evil’ effects, regardless of whether we’re using Vedic, Chinese, Western, or any other approach to defining ‘All-That-Is’ within a precise system of space-time factors…”
“Pattern is everything, and time is a continuity...We who explore Astrology can see patterns, but EVERYTHING is ‘free will’ in a higher or lower sense of that concept. How we respond to any challenge or circumstance entirely determines the outcome. Period. There is no Astrological configuration or event that can override our potential responses.
Everything depends on our acuity, intelligence, and willingness to do whatever it takes to bring order out of chaos, and wisdom out of experience…”
© Copyright 2014 ~ Robert Wilkinson All Rights Reserved.
A wonderful breakdown from astrologer DIVINE HARMONY:
“The second Total Lunar Eclipse in a series of four (called a tetrad of Total Lunar Eclipses) is exact early Wednesday morning, October 8th at 3:56am PDT (Full Moon is exact at 3:51am).  
“…The first in this tetrad series was on April 15th, 2014- and the last two will be on April 4th 2015 and September 27th.  
“All four of them are in the signs of Aries and Libra- bringing a huge focus to the endings, changes, transformations, death and rebirth experiences playing out in the collective masculine/feminine dynamic and in relationships of all kinds. 
“…The total lunar eclipse this month is HUGELY significant- perhaps even the most powerful in the whole series for a couple of reasons.  
“First of all this potent Total Eclipse is conjunct Uranus and square Pluto- activating the Uranus/Pluto square that has been ongoing since the first exact square on June 24th 2012 and still has two more exact squares to go (December 14th 2014 and March 16th 2015). 
“This really intense Uranus/Pluto dynamic has a life of it’s own and when an eclipse comes along to trigger it- it can be like throwing more fuel on the already hot and dynamic transformational fire…”
“To also add in the fact this eclipse is TOTAL- we see quite the picture shaping up for radical shifts, changes, endings and new beginnings in our personal and collective lives!
“The main fixed star in the chart is Alpheratz- who is conjunct both the Moon and Uranus.  Alpheratz is a fixed star that demands freedom and movement- it does not like being hemmed in.  With the Moon/Uranus conjunction in fiery, restless and impulsive Aries- we may find our action/anger/aggression energies heightened
“Not wanting to be fenced in, reigned in or limited in any way is a likely reaction to this eclipse- yet we want to be careful that we are responding rather than reacting, as the latter done impulsively or without thought or consciousness can get us into trouble!
“In the eclipse chart there is a very powerful Grand Fire Trine between Moon/Uranus in Aries, Jupiter and Black Moon Lilith in Leo and Mars in Sagittarius.  
“Considering Mars is the ruler of this lunation and he is out of bounds- meaning he goes beyond the bounds of the Sun and has his energy more purely expressed (and also perhaps exacerbated and more reckless)- I see either a recipe for disaster, accidents and unexpected events OR a recipe for action, illumination, inspiration and innovation. 
“Of course it really is up to us and how we work with this energy that is the deciding factor about how it will manifest.
“And wherever Mars in Sagittarius is transiting in your chart is the area of life where you can really get the ball rolling and move mountains and/or go overboard and recklessly or impulsively get yourself into trouble (so be aware!).
“…In order to move towards the North Node and grow beyond our past patterns we have to be willing to do things differently- as it is only when we do something different that we can start to create new neural pathways in the brain.  
“With the Libra evolutionary focus we are asked to find balance, work towards peace, and work in harmony with each other- in a way that promotes compromise and collaboration rather than simply sweeping things under the carpet…”  
“…Fire represents Spirit- and there is an awakening of Spirit happening right now.  Fire also represents anger- and there may very well be things bubbling up in our personal and collective Unconscious that we need to deal with and address.  
“The good news is that if you are proactive about making changes in your life and taking responsibility for your own evolution- then the Higher Mind gifts of Uranus and the evolutionary potential of the Eclipse opens up to you! 
“This is not to say that as you become more conscious you can control everything more- but rather that as you become more conscious you become better able to be present and centered in your life, no matter what comes at you.  And from this place even destruction can be seen as a creative act- birthing you into something new.”
© Copyright 2014 ~ Divine Harmony All Rights Reserved.
From the always inspired KELLEY ROSANO:
The flames of passion are burning hot in October. There is a total Lunar Eclipse in Aries on October 8. The Full Moon is coupled with Uranus. They are opposing the Sun, Venus, Pallas Athena and the North Node in Libra. The Lights, the Sun and the Moon are in a T-square to Pluto.
“Make no mistake. This is a war like energy. The Moon is in Aries. Aries is ruled by Mars the warrior…Watch out for being too impulsive. Rash decisions may feel good in the moment. But, can come back to bite you later.
“This fiery combination can have you act out in anger and pain. Long term tolerations could come to a head now. It is wiser to step back and not react. You want to be proactive and not reactive.
“Eclipses are the most powerful transit that you can experience. They herald major endings and beginnings. You can have a major breakthrough…”
“There is a big focus in Libra at the time of the Eclipse. Libra rules love and harmony. The Sun, Venus and the North Node are saying make love not war. Go in the direction of harmony.
“Use your energy to send love and light into the war zones of the planet. Be an advocate for peace in the world. Prosperity blooms in harmony not conflict. You are a powerful creator. You can change the outcome through the power of your intention. Visualize a world where peace and prosperity reign supreme. Love trumps fear.
“Uranus is coupled with the Aries Moon. This is the empowered individual. Take charge of your life. Be the captain of your ship. …Oppositions are awareness’s that come to you though other people, situations or events. This can be surprising or shocking. There could be a rude awakening. There may be unexpected events or curve balls thrown your way. Truth can be inconvenient. However, it does set you free….”
“Personally, Uranus can show you things about other people that you were not considering. Relationships are your mirrors.”
“…The Pluto/Uranus square is full on at the time of the Aries lunar Eclipse. They are like ruthless gangsters. They will annihilate anyone who gets in their way. Pluto rules death and rebirth. Pluto is about power and domination. Who is on a power trip in your life? Are you on a power trip?
“…Do not force your truth or beliefs on anyone. Direct this powerful energy into positive pursuits. Focus your attention on a worthy project. Go on an outdoor adventure. Avoid negative people like the plague.
This Full Moon Eclipse will have many people acting out from their shadow side. Pluto squaring the North Node in Libra can increase your inner frustrations. Subconscious blocks in the way of your personal growth will be revealed.
“There could be power struggles in your relationships. Being right could trump peace and cooperation. Stand up for your rights. Don’t allow the bully to get the best of you….”
“The good news is there is a Grand Fire Trine with Jupiter in Leo, Mars in Sagittarius and the Moon and Uranus in Aries. This is your way out…Do what empowers you. Balance is the key. Avoid going to extremes.
“You want to love you (Aries) and love others (Libra) as do yourself. Treat other people the way you want to be treated. Love and respect all life. Send your love and light to everyone.
“There is a distinction between authentic power and force. When we are truly powerful we do not have to manipulate, dominate and control anyone. Forcing your will onto other people is false power. Forcing your beliefs onto other people is fear. This is the lower negative male energy we see in the world today. The world needs balanced men in leadership roles. We need leaders who will demonstrate honor, integrity and strength…”
“Release your fear and doubt. Merge with your Higher Self. Allow your Higher Self to supply you with the wisdom you that you need. Your Higher Self is your champion. It will give you the tools you need to move through or overcome any situation or obstacle…”
“Being grounded may prove challenging for you. The intense electric energies are coursing through your veins. Being balanced will be your test. You can ride the transformational wave of energy. Your growth matters. Don’t be attached. Go with the flow. Practice inner peace.
© Copyright 2014 ~ Kelley Rosano All Rights Reserved.
And finally from the always wise CATHY PAGANO from her Wisdom of Astrology:
“The Cosmic Story flows and ebbs like the ocean tides.  Sometimes the energies are quiet and easy, other times there is turbulence and even a perfect storm, such as we had in April with the Cosmic Grand Cross and this year’s first set of Eclipses…
“Look for the month of October to be another month full of changes…this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is hard-wired to the on-going Pluto/Uranus square.  Now, we are experiencing how we are personally (Sun/Moon) involved in this ongoing revolution.  This Libra Sun is joined by Venus and the asteroid Pallas Athene, as well as the Libra North Node, directing our evolution toward greater understanding and balance.  
“…Venus has been a Morning Star for the past 9 months, but now she’s disappeared into the light of the Sun for transmutation and re-birth, and she will emerge from the Sun’s light in early December to become the Evening Star of Wisdom.  At this hidden phase of her journey, Venus sheds old beliefs and patterns so a much truer form can emerge.  This lunar eclipse will strip her bare and allow a deeper connection to spirit to emerge.
“Venus squares (90* shift in direction) Pluto in Capricorn several hours after the eclipse, enticing us to include the feminine gifts of nurturing, connection and intuitive wisdom in our decision-making and helping us make a deeper commitment to social justice…”
“During this lunar eclipse, our consciousness (Sun) will be focused on peace, harmony, cooperation and balance.  Our unconscious (Moon) will be energized by Uranus and the South Node, asking us to leave behind selfishness and war-like aggression, while bringing our bravery online. With Uranus in Aries, we combine the energies of Uranus (awakening) and Mars (bravery and active desire).   
“…The Moon’s process is also aided by a fire grand trine (planets in each of the fire signs): along with Uranus in Aries, this eclipsed Moon also connects with Jupiter in Leo and Mars (Aries’ ruler) in Sagittarius.  These big energies in fire signs can give us the courage and creativity to finally burn away our patriarchal conditioning and re-birth the sacred masculine—the active force of life which protects and defends life and works according to the natural laws that govern the cosmos instead of the stilted laws of patriarchal conditioning.   Perhaps this is the birthing of the New King we’ve been waiting for. 
“This Aries Full Moon is a great example of the process depicted by the Triple Goddess.  Aries starts things going and with Uranus there to open us up and Jupiter and Mars lending us desire and creativity, the power to step into the next phase of our destiny will be available to those who work with these energies.”
© Copyright 2014 ~Cathy Pagano All Rights Reserved.
May we all navigate these energies with an open heart and compassionate patience. Full Moon/ Eclipse Blessings to all!


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