In the Mayan Calendar, March 9th, 2011 is the day the 9th Wave of Unity Consciousness Begins. The evolution of consciousness has been building like a pyramid in what the Mayans called waves of consciousness…
Here are the 9 Waves of Consciousness with start date and purpose:
1. Cellular  started 16 Billion Year Ago  Action/Reaction
2. Mammalian  820 millions years agoStimulus/Response
3. Familial  started 41 million years ago  Individual
4. Tribal  2 million year agothe Mind
5. Cultural  102,000 years ago  Reason
6. National  3,115 BC Law
7. Planetary  1755 AD Power
8. Galactic  Jan 4, 1999  Ethics
9. Unity  March 9, 2011  Co-creation
This dates heralds the beginning of THE SHIFT into UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS~~~~~
“Today is the start of the shift into the 9th wave of the Mayan calendar. It lasts 260 days. From now on we’re going to experience life at 18X speed. Each timeframe takes only 20 days instead of 360 as were used to since 1999.
As the evolution of consciousness accelerates, we will experience the shift differently, depending on our perceptions, intentions and conditioning. One thing seems clear: what will happen is up to us. So it’s important to take some time to purify the mind, open our hearts, and align with the soul and higher truth and connect with others who are consciously making this journey in service to all beings.”
You can read more the details of the Mayan calendar here from CARL JOHAN CALLEMAN, and to see it explained to you CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO:
Here’s to becoming co-creators of our destiny, rising up to our fullest potential, and realizing that we are indeed supported and here to create our heaven on earth!
Buckle your seatbelts dear friends, we are in more an accelerated time of shedding, shifting and evolving. Wow!