ART Brock Lefferts

“As things continue accelerating, there is an increasing need to stabilize the agitation and panic vibrations in the collective. Stress is becoming increasingly tangible, and we each need to find how to generate vibrations of coherence, especially as we understand that our energies radiate out and affect our whole environment. The more we can practice centering, the better. Meditation and prayer is essential to align our intentions with our clearest self. It is becoming inescapably important to learn how to process our negative emotions, facing them rather than projecting them out, so as to avoid adding to the planetary tension equation.
“On this note, it is said the Ancient Hawaiians had a prophecy that there would come a time on the planet where there would be so much chaos it would require many to emerge as Agents of Calm. It feels these times have arrived. It is essential that we focus on cultivating our internal harmony so that we can contribute to generating harmony in the world.
“It is essential that we deepen our connection with our breath, as it is the most direct way to ground and re-center in the present moment. Conscious breathing helps us let go of stress, calm and clear our minds, and re-open to our heart’s expanse.
“We must support ourselves holistically in this transformation process we are in. We need to consider our health and well-being on all levels. To balance out the artificial energies of these modern times, it is wise to immerse one’s self in nature as much as possible. Being in natural environments re-charges us with elemental magic and a sense of wholeness that helps to counter-balance all the technospheric vibrations and over-stimulation of the age of information overload.
“Our bodies are the temples of our spirits; they are the instruments through which we play our life’s song. We need to take care of our bodies during these times. We are already living in a compromised situation based on the pollution of the air, water, earth and the increasing electro-magnetic pollution that innundates us from all directions.
“We must cover all the basics: Keeping our bodies vital with movement, rest, water, and organic foods. As Mayan Ajq’ij Carlos Barrios says, ‘Eat wisely. A lot of food is corrupt in either subtle or gross ways. Pay attention to what you are taking into your body.’
“Our mind and emotions are unified with our bodies. Part of our health is to honor the intensity of the emotions that are arising in these times and find tools that help us process and release old patterns, so we can be available to be present.
“This is really the time to do the work to heal old wounds. We need to truly learn the powers of forgiveness of self and others, and true compassion towards our human sufferings; learning to be tender towards ourselves and our relationships.
“We must be alert to all the anxiety and turbulence in the collective mind-field in these times. To evolve, it is essential we engage in some form of mind-training. As Alex Polari said: ‘Every thought it is an entity.’
“We need to be aware of what thoughts we are entertaining, believing in, identifying with, energizing and incarnating into life….”
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