Perhaps you have heard the buzz around the documentary THRIVE? If you have not seen it, I *highly* recommend that everyone take the time to watch it! You can now watch the entire documentary free from their website here
It’s all about the information presented in it, forget its production and the special effects and open to what is being shared and exposed. It’s brings everything that I have been discovering and coming across in my research into one place. Every statement that is made has been checked out by outside sources and documentation is available on their site.
Thrive presents extremely eye-opening and compelling information that truly needs to be considered by everyone. It takes you from one idea to the next unraveling not only what has been concealed to us by the powers that be, but also outlines how power has been consolidated and what we can do to change it.
The awakening, what the mayans call the shift of the ages, is upon us. Like I mentioned in my Huffington Post article here, the veil is beginning to drop. We are the majority and by becoming informed and conscious we have the ability to create great change in our world. It is possible!
Watch the film from their website here.