Here is the energetic theme for October 2015 channeled by the always wonderful Lena Stevens from The Power 
“This month we are striving to balance our lives in a way that serves us better and brings all the bits and pieces we have been juggling into a new and more balanced configuration and alignment.
“Our faith and trust (themes of September) have been tested, challenged, pushed, revealed, expanded and rewarded. And now it is time to give up the struggle and surrender ourselves to the more natural flow and balance that wants to emerge.
“The most significant area of striving for balance is between ‘doing’ and ‘being’. This month become aware of your tendency to infuse everything with ‘doing’.
“Even when you pray, contemplate, focus on intentions, or ‘do’ a meditation, you are still in ‘doing’ mode. Receptivity needs be 100 percent if you are going to receive. You can only fully receive while ‘being’ 100 percent receptive.
“This is especially true when working with unseen allies or spirit helpers. We tend to ask for help, for signs, for wisdom or information and then often we don’t allow enough time in receptive mode to actually receive what we are asking for.
“The compulsive obsessive mind has a hard time letting go into receptivity. It wants to track everything, know everything, and put constant mental energy into our desires and intentions.
“This month we are being invited to stop the mind and experience more balance. So become aware of your ‘doings’ and discipline yourselves to stop occasionally and drop into ‘being’ mode. Become conscious of the transition between ‘doing’ and ‘being’ and back to ‘doing’.
“A good practice this month is working with Gratitude and Desire, Gratitude as a ‘being’, and Desire or Intention as a ‘doing.’
“…Most of us have lives that are out of balance. Being out of balance causes stress. We have too much of one thing and not enough of another.
“We tend to put too much on our plate and then sometimes remove the most important things that would actually bring us back into more balance. Our judgment is clouded by the illusion of all the ‘doings’ we were led to believe we cannot live without, and mostly these are tied to the expectations of others.
“This month is a good time to recapitulate where you have been spinning your wheels, where you are overextended in the wrong directions and what you have not given enough attention to.
“These times bring a certain clarity that will help you see exactly what is out of balance in your life. You may need to make some hard choices and cut something loose that has become a stress-causing energy leak.
“You may need to cut back on some of your ‘doings’ in order to balance the ‘being’ part of your life so that all you have asked for through your prayers and intentions can catch up to you and find its way into your field.
“Not cutting something loose because you don’t want to disappoint someone is a bad reason for not following through with what you know will bring about more balance.
“The other balance we are looking to refine this month is the balance between the mind and the heart with the intelligence of the heart leading the way. As we mentioned earlier, the mind has a difficult time giving up the driver’s seat. It is a good practice to ‘be’ in ‘don’t know mind’ some of the time.
“This time frame is very much like driving in the fog. We are being trained, whether we like it or not, to trust that we won’t go off the road just because we cannot see around the bend. We will be able to see, understand and define our experiences in right timing and as they unfold in the present.
“Much of what causes imbalance is worry especially about something that has not yet happened. This is another aspect of the obsessive mind, going through all the scenarios of how things might not work out. This takes a great deal of energy and definitely falls into the ‘doing’ category.
“It is a good idea to neutralize the worry and bring all that mental energy back into the present where it can be used to actually appreciate what you are experiencing now….”
“The good news is that we have lots of support for balance this month. It may be difficult to face the truth about certain things that are grossly out of balance, but the result of this awareness is an opportunity to bring about a completely different and more satisfying experience.
“The faith and trust carried forward from last month create a solid foundation for a commitment to striving for balance, and with it you will find your life opening up in new ways.
“Some things that may need more balance in your life:
Note: this is a VERY partial list!
Time for self vs. for others
Love and attention, too much or too little
Spiritual life vs. external responsibilities
Work vs. rest
Energy levels, motivation, inspiration
Physical and mental clutter
Adventure and new experiences, too many or not enough
Relationships and connections vs. alone time
Heart vs. mind
Acceptance vs. persevering towards change
Past lessons and experiences vs. future desires and intentions
And last but not least, ‘BEING’ vs. ‘DOING’ which of course refers to the balance between the masculine and the feminine as well.
“How the month shows up
“This is a great month to continue striving for a new balance between doing and being and to experience first hand what happens when you allow yourself to truly receive what you have been praying for.
“There is an opportunity for great stress reduction if you can eliminate patterns of worry, judgment and mental obsession.
“Strive for ease and grace as you practice being present and inspired by the collaboration between your desires and your receptivity.
“Your life should flow from one moment to the next; an unfolding that comes with letting go of struggle, expectation, attachment and the need to control.
“This month could turn many things around for you if you pay attention to Balance. Notice the transitions between the doing and the being states and become aware of completing one before transitioning to the other.
“It is a good idea when working on a task to truly complete it, or that phase of it, and then take a real break before starting the next one.
“Finding a new rhythm for your life through Balance is greatly supported by helpers seen and unseen. It is a perfect time to deepen your relationships with anything and anyone that provides you with support.
“The time of going at it alone is over. Balance is a collaborative effort so be open and receptive to all the support that comes your way.
Imbalances in relationships will be clearly illuminated as you become aware of what needs more balance in your life. Which relationships need more of something and which ones need less.
“You may need to be ruthless with the ones that trigger energy leaks or negative feelings. There is work to do in balancing giving and receiving in all relationships as well as appreciation, listening and honoring.
“If a relationship is not anchored in something sustainable it will be very apparent very quickly. It is a good time to bring all of your relationships up to date and to reconfigure the ones that are still operating out of old patterns.
“Things that you may need to give up in order to nurture your relationships: The need to be right, the need for control, the need to know, the fear of abandonment and the fear of entrapment.
“Since part of the theme of balance has to do with the masculine and feminine, that relationship within each of us is subject to review and recalibration; ‘being’ vs. ‘doing’.
“This is a good month to get rid of any and all clutter in your personal environment. Look around at how your environment is balanced or not.
“Do you have enough light? Enough air? Are you supported by your personal effects? When was the last time you acknowledged how they support you and consciously received that support? What feels old and worn out and not resonant with you any more?
“When in nature or navigating weather, focus more on how you are supported rather than how it may interfere with your desires or your intentions.
“Make a point of being fully receptive to the nurturing and life-giving qualities of the environment; the sun, water, fire, air and earth. Allow them to support you in balance…”
“This is great month for balancing hormones, strengthening the digestive system and dealing with weight issues. Make sure you balance rest with exercise and good diet.
“Try not to overwork, and do something daily that will nurture your body holistically. It is also an excellent month for acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments.
“The challenges will be around weight, water balance, endocrine system, thyroid and digestion. Remember that where there are challenges there is always potential for growth and improvement.
“It is a good month to take all those balls you have been juggling, all those various areas of interest, desires and intentions, and all the projects on your plate, and allow them to be rebalanced in a new configuration. This configuration needs to have the elements of inspiration, creativity, motivation, support and relevancy.
“If something is not relevant any more, let it go. There is no shame in changing directions or cutting something loose that no longer fits. Just make sure you are acting from a place of neutral observation instead of a charged reaction.
“This is a good month to bring more balance to the workplace wherever it needs it as well as to pay attention to balancing budgets and what is going out in terms of energy and finances as opposed to what is being received. In keeping with the idea that going it alone is a thing of the past, get support and work together with others whenever possible.
“It is a good time to invest in something you believe in. Anything that is well aligned with your heart will reap its rewards.”
© Copyright 2015 ~ Lena Stevens All Rights Reserved