Here is the channelled energetic theme for April 2016 channeled by the always wonderful Lena Stevens from The Power
“This month we are acutely aware that we are in transition. We have mental anxiety about what we might be forgetting or not keeping track of or not keeping up with.
“Our sleep is interrupted and light at best and non-existent at worst. We feel we might be missing something.
“It is hard to settle down and easy to get distracted. Even if we manage to cross everything off our to do list, there is a nagging feeling that something has been left undone.
“This is the current state of affairs, necessary for change and evolution but extremely uncomfortable for many, especially for those with the ‘need to know’ and a need for security.
“The Spring Equinox and the eclipses of March have left us in an unsettled place of asking, ‘what happens next?
“We know it is not business as usual but we also cannot see around the bend or trust that what is showing up today will be the same as what shows up tomorrow.
“Think of a puzzle. There are pieces coming together, some that are still missing, and the final picture has not yet emerged.
“This month requires a great deal of trust and flexibility. Anything can happen. To be proactive with the month you will need to be very clear in your intentions and have good solid practices to keep you grounded.
“You will also need to be comfortable with, and accepting of sudden changes that come as a result of these unsettled times.
“Attachments will be a big lesson this month. The less attached you are to how things are or ought to be, and the more you can practice flexibility, the better.
“When energy is unsettled there are more opportunities to make personal changes and to restructure many aspects of your life. This is the advantage.
“When energy is fixed and stable this is harder to do. So use the month’s unsettled energy to proactively restructure what is needed in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life.
Action cures fear. Fear will come up this month especially for those of you with a security need. Instead of withdrawing from actively engaging in life, ask how you can actively work with the unsettled energy in a way that supports your own desire to evolve into a new place in your life.
“This is an excellent month to reset your intentions, dream bigger and harness some inspiration, excitement and enthusiasm for the magic, eccentricity and miracles of life.
“The challenge this month will be around dealing with attachment, stubbornness and fear for some of you, and impatience, irritability and anger for others. These are two different reactions to the same unsettled situation.
“One reaction blocks the energy flow and ends up in withdrawal, causing an experience of being truly stuck. The other, impatient one, may cause conflict and out of control expression leading to poor choices and rash behaviors.
“Neither reaction is a good one and both stem from a fear that things are not OK and that nothing will work out. Remember to stay proactive instead of reactive and to practice trust.
“If you are in the impatient aggressive camp, you need to watch the aggression. Remember that we have aggression as the mode for the year and it is important to learn to use it wisely.
“Using it wisely is to stop and think before you say or do something you will later regret or that will push people away. Using it wisely means learning to project focus and discipline into your intentions without wavering or being scattered and ambivalent.
“A poor use of aggression will only serve to heighten your sense of being unsettled and cause unnecessary anxiety not to mention the consequences of potential conflict that may come of it.
“If you are in the stubborn, fearful, dependent camp, you will have to motivate yourself to take a few risks and to say yes to opportunities that come your way even if they come with unknown factors.
“Remember to put some fuel into your own intentions so that when the pieces of the new puzzle start coming together you have had some say in what the new picture looks like. Otherwise you may end up with something you don’t want.
“The great opportunity this month is to harness this unsettled energy and to use it to propel your own growth and evolution. If there is a bit of chaos, celebrate it.
“If your carefully organized plans suddenly fall apart, be flexible and embrace the opportunity for a restart, creating an even better plan. Rely on yourself and your daily practices to give yourself stability and stay grounded as much as possible…”
“How the month shows up
“This month is uncomfortable for the personality that wants to feel supported, instructed, successful, accomplished and knowledgeable about where things are headed. The instinctive center is on alert and we are hyper vigilant and anxious about what we don’t know.
“This month trains us to be more comfortable with and accepting of the things we do not know and cannot control. Building flexibility and acceptance into your life will only help you harness the opportunities that come out of this time of unsettled and unstable energy.
“This is a great time to make personal changes. After years of doing the same negative behavior or acting out of the same dysfunctional pattern, you have an opportunity to make some very deep and permanent changes
“It will take discipline and determination and focus as well as being somewhat unattached to the outcome.
“You may go through time periods this month of feeling like you don’t really know who you are any more or what you want any more. This is actually a good place to be as it means you have some potential to revisit what is important to you and to recreate your life in a better way using the unstable aspects of the unsettled energy.
“Be spontaneous when you have the opportunity to, be flexible when you need to be and rely more on your inner stability than anything from the outside.

Stay out of conflict!
“Relationships will be touchy, vulnerable and on the edge of conflict, blame and projection. In unstable and unsettled times, relationships always take the hit, as relationships hold most of our dependencies, expectations and attachments. Watch aggression and don’t take things personally.
“On the other hand, there is great potential for rearranging some relationship platforms to support better communication and more harmony.
“Especially with intimates, families or close partnerships, whatever you can do to take on the unsettled aspect of the month together as an adventure in change, will end up strengthening the relationship instead of breaking it down.
“Look for some relationships that have never been settled to break apart and some relationships that have been overly settled and stuck to go through some kind of change.
“It is a good month to put your relationship with yourself first and to pay attention to what could use a restructure, reset or even more stability.
“Watch for the unexpected. Someone new could suddenly come into your life, or you could just as suddenly lose someone close to you. Anything is possible.
“Health takes on the unsettled energy in the form of challenges around digestion, fatigue, sleep issues, weight fluctuation, vertigo and balance. Just because you may fell one way today does not mean you will feel the same way tomorrow.
“If you have a routine or practice that keeps your body healthy and exercised, be even more disciplined this month to keep up the schedule.
“This is especially important for those of you who have trouble being motivated to act and your tendency is more towards stagnation and stubbornness than impatience and aggression.
“Your relationship to your body can shift in a positive way this month with more attention given to self care and putting yourself first.
“Because of the unsettled quality of the month, the quantum field where all possibilities exist is more accessible. Magic and miracles can happen around your health as well as around your general well being and positivity about the future…” 
“Everything is unsettled and it is best to be comfortable with not knowing. We will see the financial markets go up and down.
“We will see businesses move to the edge of collapse and suddenly restructure in a new a better way. We will see sudden shut downs and disappearances of what we thought were stable and settled enterprises.
“The saying: ‘When one door closes, another opens‘ is very true this month. Because things can disappear suddenly, they can also appear suddenly and you have to be ready and present in order to take advantage of these opportunities.
“If you are asleep or still attached to an old form, you may not notice the new open door until it is too late.
“Don’t be afraid to dissolve, restructure or start a project or partnership during this time.
“There is great support for innovation, new ideas, and the inspiration of the higher mind. Remember that anything can happen! Intend for it to be fantastic.”
© Copyright 2015 ~Lena Stevens All Rights Reserved