“In the Medicine Way, living a life of harmony and balance does not mean living a life without challenges, difficulties, hardships, and even conflict…
“Where one may perceive the everlasting difficulties that life presents as disruptive waves, another may perceive only ripples on a lake.
“The difference in perception reflects a difference in choice of action and reaction…
“The Circle of Life moves by the energy of choice and learning. Each choice requires us to seek our place within the Circle, a place that balances the opposite pull of spiritual (spirit) and physical (body), mental (mind) and natural.
“Life consists of a continuing series of choices that present us with challenges to be met or ignored, consequences to be accepted or rejected.
“Because we have the freedom to choose, we also possess the freedom to seek a unique personal balance in our lives-or to maintain a state of disequilibrium. Inherent in either way, however, is the opportunity to learn and to understand.”
~Michael Garrett, Ph. D.