diving dream


“My favorite Inuit shaman-word is the one for dream. It looks like this kubsaitigisak. It’s pronounced koov-sigh-teegee-shakk, with a little click at the back of the throat when you come to the final consonant.
It means ‘what makes me dive in headfirst.’ Savor that for a moment, and all that flows with it. A dream in Esquimo shaman-speech, is something that makes you dive in headfirst.
Doesn’t this wonderfully evoke the kinesthetic energy of dreaming, the sense of plunging into a deeper world?
Doesn’t it also invite us to take the plunge, in the dream of life, and burst through the glass ceilings and paper barriers constructed by the daily trivial self?”
~Robert Moss,Dreamways of the Iroquois: Honoring the Secret Wishes of the Soul