Alright family. We’ve made it through these eclipses and now here is our beloved brother Tom Lescher to share with us his insights on what is happening now…
I took some notes on this one, and the video starts right where he gets into the heart of it!
We are not the only ones right now experiencing this moment of surrender>>>
Peace and Love~
 “What is going on in the outside world is only there to trigger open and awaken us to what is going on in our hearts and minds…The heart has the natural law.
Challenging times… Highly distracted by too much going on in the outside world….
Meditative space necessary to come into the core/truth of our being…”
 He  continues to talk about the 3 levels of love like he did last week:
Sexual love >>> Personal Love >>> Spiritual Love
 “Initiation time > Saturn moving through Scorpio (Scorpio as the death of the “individual”
We are now graduating from Personal to Spiritual…
Planetary Consciousness through the Heart Space…
Unconditional Giving…
Unconditional Loving…
Personal stuff is getting challenged >>>  into Surrender
(We are) Awakening to our Spiritual humanity that is satisfying and gratifying  and fulfilling just as much, if not more more than just the personal!
All of this is leading up to an initiation into a new kind of love
Not that everyone has experienced, but that we can all aim for…
Age of Aquarius: Community
Joining together with all of our family
Open up!
Family’s  getting bigger…
Let go of a lot of the other stuff and really be focused on the purpose of our evolution (Sun in Sagg)
Look for the deeper meaning, the deeper purpose…
Stay focused on the high priorities, not always easy.
But every experience, in every moment of everyday can help us to learn how to love.”