“The properties of the Sun’s rays send codes
and gifts into the receiver of the LIGHT.
Look into the sun. Lift your face to its LIGHT.
Illumine the entire span of your field with it’s rays.
Allow your energy body to soak in this LIGHT.
Then bring it to your physical body.
Feel the Sun’s rays illuminating every cell.
Envision the interior of your body aglow in red light
as the blood pulses with sunlight coursing through your veins.
See your bones filled with LIGHT.
Feel it into every bone throughout your body, beginning with the skull, and working downward.
Visualize the bones light-filled to the point of blinding.
Now notice the organs that are glowing with Sunlight.
Feel them warming to the point where they are lit with fiery light,
burning off toxins and strengthening healthy cells.
Know that inside your body, every part of you is aware of the Sun.
You were designed to bask in Sunlight.
Take it deeply and feel it’s nourishment throughout your body…”
This is an excerpt from an amazing book called: 
IxChel Wisdom: 7 Teachings from the Mayan Sacred Feminine by Shonagh Home.
This book has been magic for me. It was like an answer to my prayers as I have been asking for guidance and came across it. I feel a deep connection to Ancient Mayan wisdom, and in particular to the Tulum area of the Yucatan where Ixchel’s energy is very strong. Ixchel is the Mayan Goddess of the Moon, the Earth and the waters…the sacred feminine. It is also my daughter Sahaya’s middle name, so as you can image there is a deep connection for me!
This SUN MEDITATION is really such a recharging, powerful way to begin your day. If you are not able to soak up the sun because of the Winter, align yourself with the energy of the Sun and Great Spirit and meditate on its golden rays. Visualize the sun’s LIGHT and bring into your awareness, into you energetic field, into your physical body for healing and rejuvenation.
In times like these, a powerful LIGHT meditation like this is essential. Call in the LIGHT of the SUN. Bring it into your bodies and let it clear away and illuminate all that has been in shadows or in the darkness. the time is here. We are at the dawning!
In love and *LIGHT*