Madonna del Magnificat (detail), Botticelli, 1481


Here is the always amazing Robert Wilkinson from Aquarius Papers, reporting on a very interesting and significant astrological shift that has subtle but vast effects for humanity. In his article entitled “Astrology in the Age of Aquarius – Transpluto, a.k.a Divine Mother, Parvati, and Percephone, Just Left Leo and Entered Virgo” he says:
“While Transpluto has been dancing on the cusp of Leo and Virgo for a couple of years, it just re-entered Virgo where it will stay through July 2107. This is a huge shift for humanity!
“Yes, at 7:23 pm PDT July 4, 3:23 am BST July 5, TransPluto slipped out of Leo, ending an era that began in May 1938. It will be at 1 Virgo until October 15-16, 2014, when it moves into 2 Virgo, which we are told is a degree of  ‘a liberating ordeal.’ It will go stationary retrograde on Nov 28-29, and then slip back to 1 Virgo around January 13, 2015, where it will stay for months after.
“This is a momentous pulse in Cosmic Time, since it’s left Leo and won’t return to that sign until the Summer of 3269, which will occur during the beginning of the culmination of the Age of Aquarius, also known as the Dwapara Yuga. As you can see, it takes quite a while for the vast transitions to take place when it involves our ‘farthest out’ spiritual energies!
The current TransPluto/Divine Mother in Virgo era will last until December 2103, when it will begin to leave that sign and enters the first degree of Libra, setting another 2 year transitional phase into motion. Given what the last 2 degrees of Virgo and the first 2 degrees of Libra are about, I have no doubt that during that period humanity will be ‘made sacred’ through a symbolic crucifixion that will move the world out of an old destiny into a new one. By the Summer of 2106 it will leave Virgo completely behind, and be in Libra until the Summer of 2201.
“Up to now, most of us on Earth have experienced TransPluto only in Leo, a sign it’s occupied for 75+ years. Recently, it has been in the last three degrees of Leo since 2007, and has now left Leo. These degrees are culminative and transitional, so it’s useful to look at the past 7 years as teaching us via Divine Mother energy the edge of where Leo meets Virgo and how to handle that zone where two contrasting experiences deal with each other.
“TransPluto moves very slowly, and occupies a degree for several years at a time. It entered Virgo for the first time in October 2011, and then went RX at the first degree, and re-entered Leo January 2012. It stayed there through September 2012, when it again re-entered Virgo. It then retrograded back into Leo in February 2013, where it occupied 30 Leo through August 2013 when it went back into Virgo through March 2014.
“Now we’re done taking one last look back (between March 2014 and now) at the era that began when TransPluto entered Leo May 1938. TransPluto in Leo is now fulfilled in time for many centuries to come!
“Because this Virgo era will last through 2104, when it then first enters Libra, we can expect to see the development of an entirely new approach to God, Truth, and human existence as part of the One Life that pervades our planet over the next 90 years.
“We last experienced TransPluto leaving one sign and entering another between September 1935 through May 1938 when it danced between the end of Cancer and the beginning of Leo. As with then, when TransPluto enters a new sign, it marks the first appearance of a new type of spiritual energy on Earth.
“As it is the transpersonal planet that is farthest out in our Solar Systemic evolutionary scheme, it is an energy that is so vast and all-encompassing that it is usually experienced only on the broadest and deepest of levels by those with a global sensibility (or those who are chelas of Divine Mother in all Her manifestations, of course!)
“As it leaves Leo and enters Virgo, we leave an era of Divine Mother energy expressed through the heart, creativity, spontaneity, and pride of Leo, and enter into a long wave evolutionary process of Divine Mother energy expressed through the service, training, purification, and humility of Virgo.
“We shall go from the experience of being flooded with the Love energy of Divine Mother to learning Viveka, or Divine Discrimination, in how to accept and express that vast Spiritual redemptive and renewing Divine force.
“Everywhere on Earth, we see suffering, and how the laws and policies of the governments do not serve the needs of the many, and benefit only the few. Everywhere on Earth the pride of the human mind has created pollution, devastation, war, and untold misery for children, women, and men, as well as the plants, animals, and the Earth Herself. Everywhere on Earth people’s hearts have cried out for peace, justice, safety, and togetherness. This is the beginning of the correction!
“Divine Mother is redemptive, in that She brings forth Spring after Winter. She is the one who brings a sense of well-being after a trial of endurance, or a period of suffering, whether through personal error or Divine Karma.
“In the coming era of a new expression of Divine Mother energy, we shall all learn how to serve the One Life we all are together. All will find a way to ‘do their Being’ that serves the Oneness of Life.
“Divine Mother wishes only good for ALL her children in ALL life forms, from the bacteria of the Earth to all sentient Beings on our planet to Gaia Herself. This is the Mother who blesses and cares for all creatures big and small, and overlooks nothing in redeeming life after death, however that is experienced. Divine Mother’s Love is stronger than death.
“This is the Spirit that pervades all things, is omnipresent and all powerful, loving, and wise. This is the vast energy field within which life and evolution occurs. This is the Divine Blessing of the promise that as we move from the Light to the underworld, and from the underworld into the Light, we shall know a new Life that is beyond loss and death.
“…. for now, please meditate on what I’ve given you today about the Divine Mother energies in play at this transitional point in history. We’ll all finding our place in the vast scheme of things. The work continues!”
© Copyright 2014 Robert Wilkinson