mystic mamma


“The final phase of lightening the load is the task at hand. Much, it not most, of the work has been done. You have come to this moment in time, having surmounted so many of the hurdles that were thrown in your path.
“Now, what remains to be cleared are remnants of learned responses, which would have you stumble, out of habit, over brambles that are clearly in view.
“Recognize when you encounter one, and observe the response those situations trigger within you. Consider, before releasing a conditioned response, whether it is possible to sidestep the situation entirely and decline the invitation of yet another drama.
“Your objective now is moving forward. Anything that does not support that momentum, is a situation you have the opportunity to transcend by exercising the power of choice.
“…Ideally, the choices you encounter from this point forth represent opportunities to translate discord into harmony. They are opportunities to transcend the need to be ‘right’ on particular issues, in deference to the possibility of emerging with a sense of completion.
“They are opportunities to respond in ways that shift the dynamics of the interaction and allow in all parties concerned to walk away without carrying the energy charge that would invite a repetition.
“You will observe that now you are able to just ‘let it go,’where you once felt compelled to engage in battle. And you will begin to see the process of transcending ego in action…
“These times are about changing that pattern. These times are about shifting that energy. These times are focused on recognizing the opportunities for reinforcing separation in action and choosing to disengage.
“…Your objective now is to recognize all encounters as opportunities for achieving harmony that they truly are…
“When potential conflict is nullified and the intent of each is the harmonization of will, rather than the manifestation of one’s own will over that of another, the outcome is consistently one that serves the highest good for all concerned.”
~Rasha from Oneness