“Those moments when you judge yourself most harshly and in which you feel you let yourself down are the moments most deeply yearned for as a soul. For, in the moments you look back upon with deepest regret the ones that conjure up within you the most profound humiliation in your own eyes are the moments for which you chose a human incarnation.
“These key experiences serve as reference points for you to underscore the things you have acted out… Your darkest hour was, in actuality, you’re shining moment. For, in the authenticity of your emotional experience was your key to your liberation from the pattern that keeps you rooted in the pain of separation from who you really Are.
“In order to transcend the patterns of agony that lurk beneath the surface of your polished veneer, it is necessary for you to transcend the emotional barrenness that your cultural conditioning has supported. You have been prodded, energetically, into facing the truth of what lies buried there.
“You have been goaded by circumstances into feeling the rawness of your unresolved anger and grief, your envy and your selfishness, and your all-consuming fears. For, these are the attributes that are co-creating with you a reality that persists in undermining your dreams.
“As you ascend into the higher realms of consciousness, you will need to have mastered these attributes. You will need to have come to grips with all that now has you in its grasp.
“And to do so, you will need to recognize the truth of what motivates your patterns of response, and the categories of experience that dominate your life.
“The key to the self-mastery that is so fervently sought by you who are so keenly aware of your process of evolution, is not to love yourself despite your perceived shortcomings but rather, to love yourself because of them.
“The self-love that is the end result of this process is not a conditional reward that is meted out for high marks and polished performance. It is there without regard for issues of worthiness or unworthiness. For, there is no place for judgment at all.
“You are the perfection of Oneness, with the uniqueness of identity, striving toward Self-recognitionAnd in your embracing of all that you Are and in your acceptance of all that you are not, despite the evidence that you may have demonstrated along the way is the unconditional gift of wholeness that awaits you.
“The Oneness toward which you strive, as you stumble and fall in your daily trials, is the natural consequence of all of it. The profound sense of belonging that has eluded you all your life awaits you…
“For the sense of separation from your Divine connectedness is the illusion. It is this that will be transcended within each of you as you ascend into the higher states of awareness. Not just the privileged few, but all of you. It cannot be otherwise.
“It may take some of you longer than others to arrive at that blessed state. And some may choose to spend lifetimes working out the details of those agreements. But the end result is inevitable. For all Is Oneness. And, ultimately, all will know themselves to Be Oneness. Some of you, sooner than you can imagine.”
~Rasha from Oneness