We are living in powerful times. As the axis of our collective consciousness is leaning on the verge of a shift, we are being pulled, tugged and challenged to rise up to our true authentic natures.
As we are challenged on our deepest levels, the universe is pushing us to change. Our old ways of being are simply not working anymore and we can no longer continue to live in the mirage of our former self.
A new time is emerging, and the way we will experience reality is changing and shifting. These are strong winds that are rising and we can feel them. These winds are fluttering our feathers but they are trying to give rise to our wings so that we may learn to fly.
Up until now, we have be earthbound in our mental realms and not operating from the full potential of our senses. We are multidimensional, energetic beings living in an energetic universe. This we know, and now the time has come to integrate this knowing into our experience.
Our freedom lies in the expression of this truth and in the entering into these unbounded territories. Life is much more than what popular culture paints it to be like and we know this. We feel it. We are part of a great mystery, a wonderous universe, living on a planet in a galaxy of stars. This is not science fiction, it’s the real.
We must expand and transform the collective thinking to integrate a vision of our world that is more expanded. All the great scientists and great minds have attested to the greater matrix of perfectly structured patterns of energy that makes up this reality we are a part of.
Like Rumi once beautifully said, we are like thirsty fish swimming in an ocean of water, suffering the pain of separation. We have forgotten our source, who we truly are by nature. Time to return to Source; time to establish connection. Time to drop in and receive the love that is there for us, and that has been there for us all along.
By acknowledging and recognizing, the truth of who we really are, we can begin to shift our experience of ourselves. We can actually begin to see life a different way, and as a result change the way we have been experiencing it.
It’s time to learn to live in the ways of energy and connection… we feel the beckoning, embrace the call. My sisters, my brothers, it’s our time. Free yourselves so that we may all may become free. Go with the force that calls you to live actualized, to manifest your dreams, to live believing, co-creating the life you desire.
Ground yourself into the earth, connect with Great Spirit, and send prayers out to Mother Earth, prayers our to our animal brethren, and bless and forgive all the people in your life. Spend time sending blessings and prayers to those you wish great things for…wrap them in your light and love and hold a high vision for them.
It’s time to choose to live without fear and liberate ourselves from the confines of limited thinking. Connect to source and feel the earth beneath your feet, feel yourself supported, connected, part of something greater. Remember who you are. Step into that great being inside you that is boundless, that knows the freedom. Feel the joy and the magic of abiding in your energy, in your truth, which is without form, limitless and eternal.