“This moment in our shared dream is totally charged. Together, we are on quite a ride through this chapter in modern history, living and dreaming on the edge, teetering somewhere between the extremes of extinction and illumination. We’re swimming in a sea of total intensity as the biosphere becomes increasingly unstable and the human psyche becomes more and more self-reflective. What is really going on here? How do we comprehend this vast situation we are in? What is our role in these times? How are we to respond? Where are we to put our focus? How can we help positively influence our collective dreaming process?”
“This process is about real-i-zing who we are and how we can exist in harmonious collaboration and support of the one whole of Life. In this dreaming process, we each have to find our own paths, to listen to our own intuitive knowing, for it is not about following outside authorities, it is about each of us manifesting our sacred roles within this time of evolving and transforming global culture. In this dream, we influence each other intimately. We are each other’s greatest challenges, greatest blessings and greatest teachers. The more authentically we follow our inner callings, the more we support one another in finding our paths. As the saying goes, “We are each other’s angels, we show each other signs.” As we realize our oneness, we uplift our shared dream.”
~Eden Sky © Copyright 2009 By Eden Sky of 13moon.com