A bold *NEW MOON* SuperMoon in Aries sets forth the beginning of the astrological year and heralds a fresh start that dares us to envision the new way in which our lives can unfold personally and collectively.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved featured astrologers and guiding lights. First from the wonderful CATHY PAGANO from her Wisdom of  Astrology:
“After the energy release of last month’s Lunar Eclipse, we are hopefully free to pursue a new story…”
“With this Aries New Moon dancing with Uranus and Eris, never doubt that these two tricksters will be sending us on our new adventure, waking us up to our destiny by rolling the golden apple of divine love at us and asking us to choose. Freedom or Fear…”
“This is the moment to bring our spiritual awareness back into the world and help birth a truly free, healthy, just, balanced, co-created world with our Mother Earth.
“As a species, we’ve let ourselves be lulled to sleep by consumerism and as a result, we’re destroying our own home. But we’ve been given our mission, if we will accept it. It’s time to create that Earthly paradise we all know is possible.
“Why else are so many people becoming conscious at this moment in history? It’s time for our species to evolve. It won’t happen overnight, and some/most of us might not see it fully realized, but this is the defining moment for our future. We are the grandmothers and grandfathers of the future.
“And happily for us, the whole cosmos is on our side! Nature will help…The Heavens will send us their energies to guide us in our undertakings. Our Women will once again be Wise, and our Men Brave—and visa versa. It all has to do with our beliefs—how they shape the story we want to live by.
“Right now, the heavens are asking us to consider those beliefs and how we can bring them into our 3-D reality. Jupiter in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces=opening our imaginations and honoring what comes to us by integrating it into our daily lives…”
“Our beliefs lie hidden in the unconscious until we turn our attention to them. These beliefs are what we learned as children—often limiting, involving guilt and shame. Once we turn the light of self-love and consciousness on them, they can transform and grow.
“And we can now choose what to believe in. The heavens are telling us that this is the moment when we need to embrace our beliefs and live them—not by fighting against the old but by imagining and living the new.
“Remember this when Mars goes retrograde next week—if we spend our energies fighting the old patterns again, we take away energy from imaging the new.
“Hold them in balance, ask for the truth, hear the truth and get on with it…”
“This New Moon will be intense, for it incorporates the evolutionary and revolutionary energies of the Pluto/Uranus square that’s been shaking up our world for the past 4 years.
“It is not only the 1st New Moon of this astrological cycle, but also a SuperMoon, coming into a close alignment with the Earth. This is a cosmic story of deep changes occurring within our personal and collective psyches.
© Copyright 2016 ~CATHY PAGANO All Rights Reserved


From the inspired PAT LILES from The Power
“All Spiritual Warriors report for duty!  It’s an Aries/Mars packed month.  The Sun and Moon are tightly involved with Uranus lining the runway for radical, unpredictable shift and change…”
“Aries is our instinctual impulse to take action and blaze a new trail where we have never gone before…”
“When you align Aries New Moon with Uranus you pull in strong, strong influences of individuality, and a deep need to align with complete personal freedom from any form of limitation. 
“Uranus is ‘The Awakener’, the natural born rebel who cannot bear to be harnessed to the mundane and boring pap of modern slavery, and rightly so, because this is our access to genius and inventive discovery and creation with the quantum fields that hold all possibilities.  Make way!”
© Copyright 2016 ~PAT LILES All Rights Reserved


From the insightful DIVINE HARMONY:
“This New Moon is POWERFULLY aspected. The Sun/Moon alignment is conjunct the rebel and revolutionary Uranus and the warrior Goddess Eris, opposite the fierce Dark Feminine Black Moon Lilith and square to the Lord of the Underworld Pluto.
“The Uranus/Pluto square is no longer exact (that lasted from 2012-2015) but they are still traveling close with each other so this New Moon has a similar shake up/wake up quality that the Uranus/Pluto squares years had.
“Yet what is new in this configuration is the adding in of the fierce intense feminine energies- Eris and Lilith. Uranus and Pluto are akin to the light and dark masculine energies (or the solar and lunar masculine energies) and Eris and Lilith are akin to the light and dark feminine energies…”
“Wholeness is realized when you have light and dark (or solar and lunar) masculine and light and dark feminine all working together in a cohesive whole. 
“This New Moon has all four aspects of wholeness represented but they are facing off in very intense ways- which shows the potential for wholeness and evolution coming out of an experience of conflict, opposition, tension and/or crisis…”
“With the Aries/Libra axis highlight this is likely to manifest in relationship dynamics (romantic, business and otherwise) and a need to honestly see what is working, what is not, what is our personal responsibility, what is not and what can and cannot be done about it all…”
“Luckily this New Moon is also trine Saturn- showing us that if we do the work to radically transform, die and rebirth ourselves and/or some key area of life we have the capacity to anchor into a new foundation upon which we can build for many years to come…”
“The New Moon is also quincunx the evolutionary North Node- with Uranus quincunx the North Node exact throughout the month (on April 8th and 22nd respectively)…”
“The push pull between the Aries impulse to act, argue, take a stand and make things happen in the moment is at odds with the North Node in Virgo’s need to be discerning, discriminating, analytic and aware of the long term implications of things.
“With Mars about to station retrograde on April 17th- we actually need to temper our will, drive and ego energy otherwise actions taken in haste right now could shoot us in the foot.
“Channeling fiery energy into exercise and processing anger in healthy ways like therapy are really key- otherwise energy can build up and get explosive and even destructive.
“This is amplified by the fact that both Mars and Pluto will be stationing retrograde within 20 hours of each other mid month (Pluto stations on April 18th)…”
“Sometimes restrictions are things to rail against and other times they are necessary periods of discipline and tempering that our Soul puts us through.
“Being able to discern between the two- what is the baby and what is the bathwater?- takes maturity, mastery and commitment to living life from the Highest integrity possible. No easy feat!”
© Copyright 2016 ~DIVINE HARMONY All Rights Reserved


From the incisive MOLLY HALL from
“The Aries New Moon is like walking through a purifying fire, to burn off sleepy habits and get you animated. In the direct glare of Aries, the essence of a situation — or what needs to happen next — becomes clear. 
“Avoid flame wars and power struggles that tie up your energies… 
“It’s a fire New Moon, since Aries is the Firestarter of the Zodiac.  Aries is the total bravery that leads to brand new beginnings.  There’s a burning off the deadweight, and making fierce decisions aspect to it that gives it a punch.”
© Copyright 2016 ~MOLLY HALL All Rights Reserved


From the wise SARAH VARCAS from her
“We may find ourselves strangely liberated by something which, to all intents and purposes, looked set to bind us.
“Things prove not to be as they seemed and a way through a particular challenge may make itself known.
“But for this to happen a new perspective is called for… So certain are we that we know best, we can easily shut down to life’s nudges and messages which tell us there may just be another way we’ve dismissed or ignored for too long.
“As the darkness of this Moon resonates with the shadowy corners of our psyche, we can become acutely aware of neglected possibilities and seeds of potential in what once looked like the worst case scenario!
“…We fear darkness not only literally but metaphorically.  We prefer to be clear and sure, certain in our view and decisive when faced with challenge.
“But often it simply doesn’t work out that way. We may find ourselves confused, blind-sided, ill-equipped to face what we must.
It takes time and patience to come up with a plan or gain enough clarity to know that, in fact, nothing need be done…”
“To say out loud ‘I truly have no idea’ marks us out as ignorant, uninformed, of little use and no interest. And yet to know when we don’t know is a wise and noble abiding…”
“Rather than complicating things further with a frantically constructed response born of great haste and little foresight, we can acknowledge we have yet to gather all we need to discern the way forward. And then we wait, or we seek out information to fill the gaps.
“We ask those who do know or seek insight deep within. We act only when the time is right, not simply to ease our anxiety or sense of urgency. We become aligned with the situation, not fighting or forcing it…”
“We may well be tempted to act first and think later, but could well regret doing so! The wisdom of this New Moon is accessed in the quiet of inner reflection and the strength it takes to admit when we simply don’t yet know.
“Within this admission lies the magic of possibility, the alchemy born of releasing our stranglehold on life and allowing it to unfold all around us rather than desperately trying to direct the show.
“It enables us to bow to the greater wisdom that is life itself and surrender to a more penetrating force that shapes our life from the inside out, from our very core, radiating forth its energy and potential to become manifest on the outer plane.
“If we are still waiting for things to improve, for life to buck up and meet our demands, this Moon affirms it’s not all about us, but we are all about life. The key to fulfillment is found in living for life not the other way around, expecting the universe to respond to our decree.
“The biggest obstacle to making this shift is often the belief that we know best, that we KNOW how things SHOULD be if only they’d be it! ‘Not so’ says this Moon.
There is so much we have yet to understand, and what we don’t know right now is knocking at the door demanding attention. It will challenge what we thought up to now and past certainties may dissolve in its wake.
“Nothing is quite as it seemed and much is not even close! It’s time to wipe the slate clean of expectations and let life lead us step by step, gifting us its wisdom as we go.
© Copyright 2016 ~SARAH VARCAS All Rights Reserved
*NEW MOON* Blessings and Love to all!


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