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NEW MOON in Virgo is here and the energy in the air is about healing and rewiring our old programming with mindful awareness, self-love and forgiveness.
As you might have heard, MYSTIC MAMMA was hacked this past Thursday. There is cosmic symbolism in all of this, which is reflective of the energy happening right now. Most of us have been under attack and getting “hacked” by our old thought patterns, old programming and way of thinking about our past experiences and wounds.
These hacking thoughts are like a “virus” that takes over our consciousness and brings us down. We have to up the security, up our mindfulness when these thoughts come in that disturb our life stream. But it is not by looking away, but rather by a direct facing that we can see what is at the root. Then it is up to us to chose and new stream of consciousness, a new way of thinking about ails us. We must be diligent in clearing, cleansing, and healing these thoughts patterns so we can move into a more positive stream of energy and aliveness.
When our mental realms come under attack we become exhausted and have no energy, but when our energy is cleared and flowing there is an aliveness and feeling of sheer bliss. Not an easy task to get there, especially when we are constantly getting hacked! But it begins with an owning and acceptance of what is and a dedication to healing and a knowing that there is support. There are angels at the ready if we just call upon them! (Earth angels too!)
This is the healing energy that this VIRGO NEW MOON heralds. We are called to tend to the details and bring mindful awareness to our state of mind and old thought patterns, thus moving deeper into our heart center so that we may fill ourselves with the nourishing love that we all need and desire. Then we can freely move forth and offer that healing salve to others~
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from the most perceptive readers of the planetary/energetic shifts. First from the insightful Leah Whitehorse from her LUA Astrology:
“The New Moon in Virgo occurs at 14:12 (UT) on the 25th August 2014 at 02°Vi18′ D
“It’s like all the planets have arrived back to work after a holiday. A raft of aspects become exact on this date so it’s a busy day in the cosmos.
“It feels a little fraught at times, edgy, confusing and yet at the same time, there’s something whispering a quiet truth beneath all the noise.
“…It’s time to make improvements, shape up and get down to the nitty gritty…For some, this Moon may trigger a marathon ‘drown your sorrows’ session…Grieving over what was, what could be, what might be perfect, loses sight of what is in the here and now.
“…The opposition to Neptune may manifest in a variety of ways – confusion, disorientation, feeling lost, an inability too cope. Maybe you feel helpless, weak, ineffectual. Perhaps your imagination is running wild, sweating the small stuff. Venus is quincunx Chiron, maybe you feel like your wounds are on show.
“…With Neptune opposite the New Moon, maybe your imagination is running riot. The Uranus sesquiquadrate is in danger of making sweeping changes, just to get rid of the stress.
“…Black Moon Lilith is square Mars-Saturn but trine to the North Node. Lilith was in paradise, the ultimate Virgo perfection but from where she was standing (or rather laying), it was anything but perfect…”
“Give yourself a break but don’t try to change it all at once. Mars-Saturn sextile Mercury talks of taking tiny steps at first. Small, well considered changes produce big results and are much easier to handle than wild stabs in the dark.
“The New Moon is on the Sabian Symbol : Two Guardian Angels… You don’t have to be perfect or dance on the head of a pin. Leave that to the angels. Accept your flaws. Surrender to the knowledge that you don’t have to do it all today. Give Neptune a voice through prayer.
“Just because you can’t see improvement, doesn’t mean to say it isn’t happening. Just because you can’t see a solution doesn’t mean that there isn’t one. If you can allow yourself a moment of stillness, what you are seeking materialises.
“Neptune is sleep, dreams, the unconscious.  Uranus represents ‘awakening’. These two transpersonal planets are saying just that: this isn’t personal, even if it feels like it! What may look like disarray may be in perfect cosmic order.”
© Copyright 2014 ~ Leah Whitehorse. All Rights Reserved
From the always wonderful Dipali Desai from her Celestial Space Astrology:
“ This is a time to take a closer look at your standards and ethics with a fresh approach…Raising standards is not just for your career or work, or to show off, it is a way of life.
From within your heart and core hold yourself accountable with each choice and action. You are able to forgive yourself for mistakes and learn from them than staying stuck in guilt or self-sabotage.
“The New Moon in Virgo brings attention to the details and listening to one’s conscience or rather the wise voice from Soul and putting the guidance into practical application in some form. It’s like a well oiled engine, it helps the car run efficiently. The tune ups in life on any given level is essential too to help keep your being and life humming.
“Expand your awareness outside of yourself and think of others. How can you be of service, even without much recognition and praise?”
 “…The New Moon phase suggests a wonderful opportunity to fine tune the emotional level, subconscious and habitual tendencies. There is fresh energy available to ‘seed’ new habits or intentions as well as care for the emotional and psychological level of one’s being.
“…How can one improve on the system or method? Where are the glitches? It is best not to get extremely fussy, hyper-critical or high-strung, rather, challenge yourself to grow and learn new ways to be more effective and efficient on every level; Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.
“….The New Moon in Virgo makes an ‘Opposition’ to Neptune in Pisces retrograde. This symbolism suggests striking a balance between excellent standards and attention to details and relaxation and going with the flow….Use the conflict as a reference for expanding awareness rather than a criticism.”
“….Also, Venus in Leo begins to make a ‘Square’ to Mars/Saturn in Scorpio this indicates you will notice where there a growing tension or pressure inside around lack of love, lack of forgiveness, lack of compassion or it is being withheld towards yourself on purpose. You may bump up against a wall where your heart energy center feels closed off or shut down due to a past situation or issue.
Be in the present moment and release the attachment and or guilt. The New  Moon in Virgo’s potential to be flexible will help with any old or chronic rigidity and inflexible emotional attitude.
Use this awareness as a springboard to choose anew and take action. You do not need to be stuck in the box of frustration and past emotion, rather, surrender the grip of fear or control and let that help to move the past emotions so that there is a recycling of energy into fresh usable energy. This helps to bring maturity and expand love than harboring resentment, worry, bitterness or fear.
Mars/Saturn in Scorpio suggests the potential for directing highly passionate emotionally creative energies like a laser beam into habits that are no longer serving you. To transform a habit or behavior so that it is empowering.”
© Copyright 2014 ~  Dipali Desai.  All Rights Reserved
And from the inspiring Kelly Rosano:
“Mars and Saturn are in exact conjunction on August 25 at the time of the Virgo New Moon… The challenge is not to be caught up in frustration or irritating situations. There is an angry side to this energy. If you find yourself fueled by fury, step back and don’t react.
“Instead, focus on one task at a time. Concentrate your energy on tasks that are requiring. Take a brisk walk, lift weights use this energy to build muscle.
“Venus is in romantic Leo. She is being challenged by both Saturn and Mars on Aug 26. This is a sobering situation. The need to evaluate your relationships both personal and professional is required…The Sun opposes Neptune on August 29. You may find that your relationships are confusing. You may be unclear about your own needs.
“Neptune is casting spells. See people for who they are and not who you want them to be. Say what you mean. Mean what you say. If something seems too good to be true, it may be a fantasy.
“Take life with a grain of salt. This is not a good time to negotiate or make a contractual agreement. Hang loose. Make no judgments. Wait a few days until your clarity returns. Patience is rewarded.
“The Virgo New Moon message is to try things until they work for you… You have to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. Sometimes new things work and sometimes they do not. The Virgo part of you wants to be right. Self criticism kills creativity and expansion.
“You are a powerful creator. Don’t focus on lack or what is not working. Focus on what you have accomplished. Try new things. Make mistakes. Make many mistakes…The only way to find what works for you is through trial and error.
“There is a distinction between successful people and the unsuccessful. Successful people never give up. They never stop trying. Eventually you will figure it out… Move forward. Be brave. Take chances. Try. Push the Launch Button.”
© Copyright 2014 ~  Kelly Rosano.  All Rights Reserved
Healing NEW MOON Blessings to all!


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