*NEW MOON* in SCORPIO heralds in the witching hour of magic and mystery and the depths of our soul.
The spirits of our ancestors are with us. As we call forth their wisdom, they remind us to awaken to our fullness before we shed these skins.
Scorpio brings her alchemy of transformation and reminds us to shed outmoded forms of being, so that we can shapeshift ourselves into a new reality and our eagle spirit can soar to new heights.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved  featured astrologers. First from the wonderful  CATHY PAGANO  and her Wisdom of
“Scorpio is often considered the most powerful sign in the Zodiac, and those who incarnate as Scorpios, some of the most powerful souls.
“For Scorpio’s initiation is pivotal to our soul’s growth, which is to die to be reborn again.
“For anyone living under patriarchy, where we have been disconnected from our feminine, soulful consciousness, death is the ultimate test to our unconscious Ego…”
“Scorpio has three symbols because it concerns the process of transformation, and three is the number of process.
“The unconscious residue from other lifetimes which eats away at us is symbolized by the scorpion. Once we begin to recognize our Shadow and can name it, the symbol shifts to an Eagle. 
“And Eagle is the highest flying bird, able to see far and wide. Like Great Spirit, it gives us an overview of our lives…”
“This is the initiation of Scorpio. To go through all the tests that life brings us and learn from our mistakes and find the meaning of what it is we are sent here to learn.
“The two ruling planets of Scorpio are Pluto and Mars…Pluto exposes what is dead and decaying within us as well as within our society. And then he wants to throw it in the cauldron of transformation so we can use that energy for new life…”
“Mars is our desire nature, our ability to go after what we want, our will to achieve…In Scorpio, Mars becomes a tightly focused laser with the ability to turn within and use its willpower to achieve its goals.
“This is the energy we need to face our Shadows and dance with them until they yield the golden energy within them.
“So with this Scorpio New Moon, we have a chance to plant a seed of power, the power to transform what is dead into soil for new growth. It is a time of letting go and shedding our old skin (that Scorpio Snake)…
“The New Moon, and most especially Mercury, trine Neptune in Pisces, opening us to the Collective Unconscious and its deep stories and ancient songs.
“Meditate and listen to your imagination today to discover what deep soul longings want to be reborn within you.”
“…echo the energy of the Scorpio Eagle, the ability to see further and deeper than usual…attune yourselves to higher wisdom and find that new perspective that will give rise to a better future for yourself and for all of us. Don’t doubt yourself!
“It’s time to step into personal as well as our collective Darkness with courage and a willingness to ‘take Death as your adviser’ as don Juan advised Carlos Castaneda.
“Have a blessed Samhain/All Hallows. Ask advice from your ancestors and face the unknown with courage.”
Copyright 2016 CATHY PAGANO .  All rights reserved.

From the insightful PAT LILES from the Power
“Scorpio, the fixed, power sign for water, plunges us into the cycle of death, regeneration and rebirth.
“We, along with the trees, animals, plants, begin to draw our sap inward to sustain us…”
“Scorpio helps us align with the Dark, to commune with the hidden mysteries within us – the unformed, the unspoken.
“As the days darken, we rejoice in the cackle of getting our inner witch on and playing in the ever more accessible realms of the invisible worlds.”
“…there is more mystery than reality by far and that we haven’t a clue of how to explain, measure or own it.
“The Scorpio archetype is The Healer, The Shaman/Curandera, The Alchemist…”
Coming after Libra, the sign of the partner, this emotional sign brings sexuality, desire and magnetism to the zodiac…”
“The tantric energy that Scorpio can embody so fully teaches how to hold our power and bring it through the lower chakras and into the heart and beyond mastering the art of being fully present, surrendered and aware.
“Scorpio’s symbols of the eagle who sees from high above the fray and the mythical Phoenix that rises from its own ashes are clues to Scorpio’s strengths ~ the ability to see the psychological motivations at play and the ability to re-create, rebirth, and rejuvenate from their own symbolic deaths…”
“We find the Sun and Moon in Scorpio aligned with Mercury in the New Moon chart…”
“Mercury in Scorpio is willing to go deep and bring the uncomfortable and unseen to the table; it also gives us the power to speak what has gone unspoken or speak our truth with power and conviction.
“The Sun/Moon/Mercury are trined to Neptune in Pisces, so we have a wide-open channel to lift our perceptions and communications to an open and accepting frequency with others.
“When we release our secrets, burdens, and grudges, our spirits can soar and our hearts open, and it gives Spirit more room to work through our lives…”
“Neptune is also conjoined to the South Node, so the work of opening, surrendering, and transcending is trying to confer the gift of forgiving what has gone before and to teach the practice of living in just this moment with great trust and without fear and worry…”
“Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio and Mars is the traditional ruler. They are close in the sky now.
“Pluto in Capricorn is slowly (2008-2024) eliminating and transforming the shadow aspects of the patriarchy, authority, of government, corporations, financial institutions. It hasn’t been pretty.
“Mars, on the other hand (also in Capricorn), is squaring (crisis) the radical duo of Eris and Uranus. Yikes!
“Pluto/Mars is fully empowering the righteous rage of the feminine warrior, Eris, to bring the long festering wounds/suppressed voice of the feminine forward whether in the form of the indigenous, the enslaved, the disrespected, or the disenfranchised.
“Something that is apparent in the healing work I do is how the wounding through invalidation or abuse of the second chakra, a seat of the emotions, sexuality and desire nature (Scorpio), cause the chakra to be defended and shut down and consequently render the third chakra of personal will/power impotent.
“That loss of energy also manifests as the loss of the voice in the fifth chakra, because it has no support from the lower chakras and results in the inability to speak one’s truth or to be heard, to express oneself fully. Taurus, the opposite sign of Scorpio rules the throat/voice. They are linked.
“We see the dynamic played out collectively at this time, too, with the exposure of so called ‘locker room’ talk and the impassioned speech by Michelle Obama embodying the righteous feminine warrior declaring this archaic rhetoric/behavior no longer acceptable.
As the emotional body of the feminine is opened, healing results and balance can be restored to the miraculously self-healing and evolving beings that we are.
“As we cross this powerful threshold leading to the still point of winter (or the radiance of summer), take time to sit in the dark with candlelight and listen for the messages, signs and insights from the other worlds during this weekend of Halloween, Samhain/Hallowmas.
“Throw everything into the fire that no longer serves you. Honor your ancestors and their dreams.
Use your power for healing work, and begin to vision what you want to grow when the light begins to increase again in the New Year after Winter Solstice.”
Copyright 2016 PAT LILES .  All rights reserved.

And finally from our beloved SARAH VARCAS from her
“After an intense month this Moon offers some gentle repose and quiet reflection, inviting us to open ourselves to insights previously resisted.
“Where compassion was lacking at the mid-month Full Moon it returns now, highlighting just what it takes to stay on track, to forge ahead when things go wrong or disappointment steals our joy.
“Wherever we find ourselves at this New Moon we are reminded that self-acceptance is foundational to peace of mind.
“If we listen to our self-talk and it’s harsh and bullying, critical or dismissive, this Moon insists that first we care for ourselves as we would a treasured friend.
“For only then can we embrace the challenges ahead without crumbling and enjoy the triumphs without shame or denial.
“We are what we are, she reminds us, and what we are is fine, no matter the flaws and failings we are sensitized to perceive.
“The gentle wisdom of this Moon completes October by replacing our harsh, unyielding feelings with a warm and gentle embrace.
“May each and every one of us be blessed by her compassionate grace.”
Copyright 2016 SARAH VARCAS.  All rights reserved.


And so it is.
*NEW MOON* Blessings of love and light to all~~~


:::NEW MOON::: October 30th 2016 at 10:38am PDT::: 5:38 pm GMT::: October 31, 04:38 am AEDT


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