From the always wonderful Kelley Rosano:
“The Gemini New Moon on June 8 creates a springboard for fresh ideas, inspired action and making new connections. You have an outstanding opportunity to socialize, network and have fun. You are to share your ideas, vision and passion. You are a powerful creator. You create with your thoughts, words and behavior.”
“You don’t get what you want in life. You get what you believe. You deserve the best in life. Believe it. Live it. Raise your vibration. The energy you give out–are the results you get.”
“Gemini’s ruling planet is Mercury, the messenger. Mercury is traveling though the sign of Cancer at the New Moon. Mercury is reminding you to think with your heart. Your feelings are your guidance system. Feelings tell you what is truly going on in each moment. Feelings guide you to your right choices, right life path and right relationships.”
“Mercury is forming a powerful ‘T-square’ to Uranus and Pluto at the New Moon. On the one hand, Mercury can offer you a flash of insight, surprising realizations and brilliant breakthroughs. On the other hand, watch out for scattering your energy and overtaxing your nervous system.”
Do not allow other people to talk you into things that are not right for you. You can be a detective and cut through the superficial to find the truth for yourself. The truth will set you free, especially when followed by empowered action. Truth frees you from the illusions of this world. You were born to be free.”
“The Gemini New Moon is a gateway to evaluate what is holding you back from realizing your dreams. In the new energy paradigm, don’t wait for the money to come before you start a new business, go to school, and/or change your life. You must take action first. Put your plans in motion, and the money will come as result of your initiative. Results come from inspired action—you act as if you already have what you want.”
“… In Gemini, it is easy to say the right things people want to hear. However, we want be in our integrity when speaking and making promises. We want to be honest and sincere.”
“…The Gemini New Moon provides us with the opportunity to play, spread our wings and fly…So, your days may be long, you may work hard and play hard. Yet, you can be so busy you forget to take time for yourself. You want to make time to play, have fun and see the lighter side of life. Focus on what is working for you. Focus on the positive in your life.”
“If something is not working, rework it, or let it go. In challenging situations and/or a crisis, ask yourself: ‘What would I do if I loved myself?’ Whatever the answer is for you, trust it. Follow your answer with inspired action.“ 
© Copyright 2013 ~ Kelley Rosano All Rights Reserved
From the insighful Cathy Pagano from her Wisdom of Astrology:
“Gemini deals with the Mind, how we use it and how it uses us.  It’s time to align our behavior and perceptions with our inner values and truth.  If you value honesty, then be honest in all your dealings, especially with yourself.  Don’t turn away from the truth—both light and dark—of who you are.   Gemini is mutable enough to accept all of you.  Then you have to know what you value and live accordingly.”
“Gemini is concerned with exploring your immediate environment, communicating with those around you and learning to understand how the world works..When the Sun is in Gemini, we are preparing to engage in the world as summer approaches and our projects take form.  Who do you need to talk to about your projects or issues? Coaches are helpful; friends are helpful when you actually listen to them!  But having someone to bounce your ideas off of will be very helpful this month.  With Gemini, two heads are better than one!”
“Gemini is the sign of the Twins and as such it also reflects the opposites of feminine and masculine, female and male, intuition and logic. How do we come into a harmonious relationship with our inner Beloved as well as our outer Beloved?  How do we get our intuition and our logic to work together?  Don’t fall back on behavior that includes accusations, criticism or too much talking that goes nowhere.”
“This New Moon energy wants you to plant new intellectual seeds, seeds that offer you new ways to perceive your world and your relationships.  When you change your limiting thoughts, you change your behavior.  To really change your whole attitude, you need to change the story going on in your unconscious. That’s where Mercury the psycho-pomp can help.  Listen to your dreams now and then work with them to understand their hidden messages.”
“When you program your Mind for change, you have to get to the root story you’re actually living in.  If you live in a story of fear, perhaps you need to look at what it is you’re really afraid of.  Usually, it’s not what you think.  It’s time to do some spring cleaning of your mind!  Clean out the cobwebs and get rid of old beliefs that no longer serve you…”
“This New Moon is in a frustrating, quirky relationship with the Scorpio North Node, making us vulnerable to changing opinions and ideas about our future goals.   Since Gemini is open to all options, we sometimes experience this as being indecisive or wishy-washy.  So see if you can unite your mind and heart in a soulful way and you’ll find your future.” 
© Copyright 2013 ~ Cathy Pagano  All Rights Reserved 
From the wonderful Sarah Varcas from her Astro-Awakenings:
“…the contact this Moon desires is that of one open mind to another, not the contact of one headstrong ego to another with a subsequent battle to clarify who’s right and who’s wrong. This is contact which recognises we all have thoughts, feelings, beliefs and opinions which make perfect sense to us at the time we have them, no matter how they may appear to anyone else. Everyone has their story and their understanding of what life’s about. We can all justify our views on the things that matter to us, even when those views are in direct opposition to someone else who can just as readily justify their position.”
“So what does this Moon want of us? She wants us to stop, just for a moment, and remember that each of us lives within our own story, our own drama, out of which we fashion our lives and until we can bring a compassionate awareness to that fact we may miss the clues in someone else’s words or behaviour that say ‘Underneath all this anger I’m in pain or fear’; ‘Behind this arrogance I’m terrified’; ‘I don’t listen because I fear what you may have to say’. It can be a real challenge to listen in this way, to experience the deeper truth beneath someone’s words, especially when those very words arouse anger, objection or bitterness within us. We are all of us trapped within a labyrinth of thoughts, feelings and associations from the past, but the more we can step outside of them even just for a moment, to listen with pure awareness to the words of another, the more likely we are as a global community to eventually come together in a state of peace and understanding.”
“This New Moon seeks that very peace. She sees the barriers to it and offers a helping hand to those who want to step over or break them apart rather than stop at them and hurl stones across. She encourages us now, in the theatre of our everyday lives as much as on the world stage, to listen to the truth behind the words, both our own and other peoples’, remembering that suffering is born of suffering and peace is born of peace. And if each of us can, just for a moment, bring a compassionate awareness to an exchange which would previously have been one of conflict and discord, seeds of peace are planted which can, in due course, grow into a collective harvest of healing and unity.” 
© Copyright 2013 ~ Sarah Varcas All Rights Reserved 
And finally from astrologer Pat Liles from
“Mercury is in Cancer at New Moon so what we will most want to communicate are our feelings and emotional needs, and we will be able to listen and receive others (the receptive aspect of communication). Mercury is in exact position to directly oppose Pluto and square Uranus forming a T-square…”
“So some evolving and disruption is definitely going on at the personal levels as well as collective levels, and Mercury now in Cancer is helping to shift our thinking/communicative function to our feeling-centered self. Our emotional bodies will answer our questions, show us where we need to be if we can open and acknowledge our receptive channels. With Pluto/Uranus involved, we might be letting the truth come to light on something we’ve been holding deep in the recesses of our emotional holding tank. Telling the truth about our needs will free us to move along the path we need to go.”
“Earlier in the week, Mercury completed a Grand Trine in water signs with the slower moving Saturn and Neptune (in 5º Scorpio/Pisces). Now Venus is in that position. Water Grand Trine will give us access to the feminine, receptive, fluid, intuitive aspects of our nature. Oh Happy Day! We need that respite from the driving period of growth we have just experienced in the past month-long eclipse period.”
“We’re in for an extended period of ease and grace now introduced by Mercury and Venus each moving through the degrees that form the Grand Trine, but by the last week of June, the Sun will take up that position just before expansive, generous Jupiter changes sign to Cancer and moves in to trine position for practically the whole month of July.”
“A Grand Trine provides experience with being in sync with the ‘flow of life’. You may feel like you are unfocused and can’t get things done, but that’s just the point. Going with just what comes up without resistance or ideas about what YOU think should be happening is a good practice for all of the caffeine-fueled, list makers among us.”
Give Spirit some room to provide you with just what you need. Just be clear on your path and about what you want to create and experience how Spirit provides for you. Enjoy a good cosmic laugh on yourself as you watch yourself ‘pushing the river’. Play more, drift, let your imagination have its way with you, relax! This communion with the feminine aspects of life will serve us well as we enter a more volatile fall season.”
“More subtly, there is a second Grand Trine in evidence made up of South Node in the power sign of Scorpio, Vesta, ruler of the sacred temple hearth, and Chiron, healer and teacher – all in water signs. This suggests a path for finding and releasing our feminine power by acknowledging the Sacred Feminine in ourselves, our planet, our partners and bringing healing and renewal back to this ancient vein that has been underground for thousands of years. The Grand Trines are linked through Mercury, so be ready to receive the message and The Messenger.”
“Grand Trines aren’t known for their dynamic energy, only their easeful nature. The Pluto/Uranus square that is on-going 2012-2015 is just the needed tension and reminder that we are in a major cultural shift period. Although Jupiter in Cancer at 5º will be creating beneficial positive effects in July, by the time it moves to 11º in mid August, it will be creating a potentially volatile T-square with Pluto/Uranus. So practice and strengthen acceptance, forgiveness and love for all that arises and dissipates before you.
© Copyright 2013 ~ Pat Liles All Rights Reserved 
NEW MOON Blessings to us all!