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On this Cancer NEW MOON, from the heart of the Mother, may we be filled with love and reminded of the truth of who we are~~~
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from the most tuned in readers of the planetary movements… First from the wise Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology:
“There is a wonderful sparkle to the New Moon in Cancer at 5 degrees on June 27th, 2014. Something feels refreshing and even inspiring even if you can’t quiet verbalize what it is. Soak in the fabulous energy now as new moon phase tends to symbolize a fresh new start…”
“There are still ripples being felt, symbolic or literal after the Mars/Uranus and Pluto aspect this week leading up to the New Moon in Cancer. The energies may be felt like water pouring out of a dam.  It will vary depending on your personal Natal Chart and what is being activated through transits for you. 
“The New Moon in Cancer may soften the edges a bit to provide enough space for nourishing yourself where you feel drained or exhausted now…”
“The astrological sign of Cancer suggests tuning into the Sacred or Divine Feminine quality/energy including the Inner Mother Archetype. Some relevant themes under this new moon are; emotional awareness, nourishing, nurturing, belonging, family, habits, gut instinct, ancestral lineage as well as emotional security.
“Take time to be near a body of water such as a stream, lake, river, waterfall, sea or Ocean. If you are not able to, taking a nice bath with sea salts will do too. It is helpful to attune yourself to the water element, flow and be. The water element knows how to flow, be fertile as well as gentle and caring.
“During this time, Mars in Libra makes a ‘inconjunct’ aspect to Chiron in Pisces retrograde suggesting old wounds within all kinds of relationships may re-surface for closer examination and require you to redirect energy and desire so you can forgive and heal. It is a time to re-balance and surrender the pain.
“Mercury in Gemini retrograde slowly making its way by transit towards stationing to go Direct on July 1st, 2014. All the frustrations and delays in communications soon to move forward. Be patient and hang in there. Meanwhile, it’s a great time to check how your perceptions may confuse you or distract you from staying on course of trusting.”
© Copyright 2014 ~Dipali Desai All Rights Reserved
From the wonderful Molly Hall from About Astrology:
“There’s some striking astrology at the Cancer New Moon, that calls for a tidal alert.  Cancer, as you know, is the sign of moods and the Moon itself…”
The atmosphere of this New Moon evokes cascading feelings, that at times open up to something sublime, and redeeming.   
“Imagine cathartic cries, a ground swell of empathy and compassion for all who suffer, an outpouring of love, the miracle of forgiveness, dreams of a home beyond and divine inspiration.
“But there are mighty ordeal angles to heavy-hitters Uranus and Pluto that make this lunation more than a euphoric Neptunian fantasy. Mars (Libra) is in a showdown opposition to surprise-twist planet Uranus.  There could be major upsets in relationships of all kinds, as one or both sides take a stand.”
“…What’s coming to mind is a deluge of all that’s been stuffed down, and that’s felt too intense, even dangerous, to express. Looking on Pluto’s sunny side, it’s a purging of core, compressed soul contents.  The release under these conditions can feel like a devastating tsunami of feelings and raw material. 
“If you stay with yourself (stay present, alert), and let the feelings and whatever live, it is integrated.  And it can be vitalizing, because you’re reclaiming energy (and dimensions of your soul) pure and simple.     
Tips:  Give yourself space to ‘Be’ without having to smile (when you don’t feel like it) and make small talk.  Move the energy with exercise….”
“A great one to deeply listen to your feelings as messages about what’s in need of change. These messages may be impossible to ignore, and seem to carry a sense of getting a second chance to make things right.
“Jupiter (in Cancer) is forming a magic trine to Saturn  — adding to the big showing of water signs.The way through a tough spot could be to ride the emotional waves, to go with the flow. And to seek fresh water sources — inspiration, music, images, beauty — that move you.
 “…The New Moon is a time of fresh starts — in this feeling water sign, it’s time to refill the well. Find a refuge where it’s safe to emote, and rest, be renewed.”
© Copyright 2014 ~Molly Hall All Rights Reserved
From the dear and always inspired Kelley Rosano:
“Pluto is opposing the New Moon. Pluto is about power. How you use power. How you own your power or, how you give your power away. This aspect can create power struggles with others and yourself.
Do not disown your shadow side, feelings of guilt, shame and jealousy. Instead, channel this negative energy into more productive areas of your life. You can use it for working out. Yes, take your anger and frustration and build muscle. Your personal success is the sweetest form of payback. Focus on the positive. Focus your mind on what is working in your life.
“You are a powerful creator…Make your desire greater than your resistance and you will get what you want…”
“Cancer rules feelings. Cancer is about your soul power. You are being asked to pull up your personal power. Allow your feelings to guide you because your feelings are your truth. Being balanced in your male and female energy will empower you…”
“Creator has your back. Creator loves and supports you. Be in your integrity. Integrity and honor will protect you through your trials and tribulations.
“Take charge of your emotions. Be in control of your life. Don’t go down into the mud and struggle with the dark side. Rise up like the break of dawn. Be the victor and not the victim. Do what is right for you. This means follow your own Star. Your Mighty I Am Presence.
“Use this sweet Cancer New Moon to take good care of you. Surrender what is not working for you. Listen to your inner child (your soul) s/he holds the soul agreements that you have made. What you need is inside of you
“…Use the New Moon to build your strength and vitality. Mercury is direct July 1. July is the time to take action. July is a busy month. There is great activity in the stars. The best of 2014 is ahead of you.”
© Copyright 2014 ~Kelley Rosano All Rights Reserved
From Cathy Pagano and her Wisdom of Astrology:
Feelings are consciously named emotions, and we have to be able to express our feelings to stay emotionally and physically healthy. Our feelings help us understand our needs, which change as we grow older. Our feelings help us know what’s good for us.  
“When we block, suppress or repress our feelings, we cut off an important source of information about our lives. The Cancer New Moon is very powerful, so make sure you plant healthy emotional seeds for your renewed emotional body.
“This Cancer New Moon is in a delightful relationship with Neptune, who is moving through his own sign of Pisces.  Neptune’s realms are polluted, both the outer oceans and our inner unconscious.  He’s cleaning out both. …But who will clean up your inner psyche of images and beliefs that no longer serve you—or do violence to your soul?  Only you!  And this is your chance to do it.”
“…Since Cancer and the Moon are feminine archetypes, this month is a good time to become aware of how the Feminine operates in your life…” 
“Take time to re-enter the Womb this Cancer New Moon and settle yourself into a healthy, new, inspired emotional body that will carry you into the future.”
© Copyright 2014 ~Cathy Pagano All Rights Reserved.


NEW MOON Blessings!


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