Here’s the low-down from the wonderful and insightful astrologer Dipali Desai:
“Mercury shifts into retrograde motion, this time in the impulsive sign of Aries at 24 degrees which begins on March 30th, 2011 and finishes on April 23rd, 2011.
The need for speed can happen in thinking and communication. From zero to 200 in a flash, bumbling out words and saying things you don’t mean. This can create a mountain of problems.
For most people, the mind runs the show, rapidly diving into or saying things before thinking things through.
Then fights begin, war brews, mental agitations grows. And the egoic mind (ego and mind) gets in the way, battle over who’s right and wrong stirs the pot.
And the “I’m right he/she is wrong” perceptions may not get you far. With Mercury Retrograde in Aries, the power struggles and needless debates can waste time and energy.
So this time, decide to ‘Pause before Diving in Mind First’ running the mouth or spewing out things you can’t take back. This is where you invite in Soul, and your higher mind to get involved.
Now is the time to slow down in communicating and be aware of what you are thinking and saying as well as how it is conveyed. Since Aries represents individuality, it may help to get our own mind and mental energy, perceptions or mental attitudes in order first before telling others what to do or how to think.
The need for speed shifts to self-awareness and responsibility, and this can be a higher potential of Mercury in Aries. During a Mercury Retrograde cycle of development it is a time of going inward on a mental level.
It is a phase of fully supporting the nervous system to deeply relax and rejuvenate and put aside the constant stream of chatter or thoughts. It is a short cycle that invites you to go into the subjective realms or a more introspective time and review the last three months of life.
It is a gift and opportunity to re-evaluate, return to, revise,, re-prioritize, review the past enough to clean up the spots or issues that are lingering and creating mental clutter.
It can be a time of great healing and letting go of past idea(s) regarding relationships, skewed perceptions, communication or difficulties. This is the potential of a Mercury Retrograde phase.
No need to fear or become superstitious around Mercury Retrograde, it is going to run your life nor is it the end of times. You can be more conscious of your choices now as to how you organize, back up files and double-check the finer details of appointments, faxes, emails and travel plans.
Be mindful of your choice of words and such. Pause and reflect before you speak, or sign anything especially with this retrograde happening in Aries. Speed readers get a vacation. If signing important documents is a must, then consider it wise to read through each document carefully (such as contracts or legal documents) to make sure you understand the fine print.”
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