Cosmic time is calling forth a period of re-envisioning, reassessing and reinvention. With Mercury Retrograding in Virgo on August 30th, we are supported in structuring the necessary details to move forth toward our most optimal future vision.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from Mercury Retrograde expert, the wonderful Robert Wilkinson from his Aquarius Papers:
“Mercury is radically slowing down, preparing to go stationary retrograde at 30 Virgo on Aug 30 at 6:04 am PDT, 9:04 am EDT, 2:04 pm BST. This has important implications for all signs.
“Until then, adapt to the slowing pace of things, be willing to put some things on hold for a little while, and take a look at what’s been set into motion up to now with an eye to seeing what has to be done before things can again move forward in late September…”
“I know there are many unfortunate things attributed to Mercury retrograde, but there are also many productive things that get done, connections that are made, and  glimpsed that make our understanding more complete and well rounded…
“This one will show us new ways to do our Being as we stand on the threshold of a new practical era.
“This one teaches us precise use of will power, or the power of the personality to take command of circumstances.
“New archetypes are promised, and any self-induced initiative we take will help us see the light of our evolving mastery in some area of focus this past year.
“Many will glimpse a greater effectiveness or find a way to reorganize to help things move forward in late September…”
“This Mercury retrograde will offer us opportunities to look back and find a new way to conquer an illusion, or ‘resist a false call.’
We will hear a call to our soul, and find a more effective competency in preparing to accept that role. The coming period will give some a look back at a prior form of spiritual service, or how they once fit into a bigger plan. This one helps us ‘return to the garden’ and renew how we express our integrity.
“This gives us a new look at how we are ministering to others, or being ministered to by others. It opens the door to the sanctuary where our minds behold the soul realm, and requires that we accept we are entering a new way of serving and being served. Shamanic power can be found by those who concentrate, and accept a greater destiny.
“Some will experience returns of people from the past who were spiritual Brothers and Sisters, or they will be of some service in the present. Some projects will have to be postponed, or a new way found to make something work.
“This can give insights into several different ways to get something done, and favors practical rehearsals before ‘doing it for real.’
“All of us will get glimpses of how our past experiences and choices resulting from the last Mercury retrograde have led us to a new view of possibilities.
“Consider the next 3 weeks as a review of how to make things work better than in the past, reshaping and refining whatever was stabilized during the last Mercury retrograde in Taurus.
“We’ll get insights into new ways of experimenting in methods, or see how we’ve been educated on the mental or philosophical level to be more practical or dedicated in some way.
“Some will recall old jobs well done, and get new perspectives on all things related to Virgo people and experiences. This will help finish an old training while opening us to ‘the joy and power of new beginnings…’
“Despite the retrograde, it’s a great time for practical inspiration and inspired practicality, as well as giving things a final polish before launching in a big way at the end of this retrograde period.
“Take a new look at the ideas you’ve had or information you’ve received since mid-August, since we will capture the essential elements of understanding what we need to mobilize into action by late September based in our insights these next 3+ weeks.
“For all of us, during the next several weeks the future that’s already rolling forward will slow a little so we can get a new look at crucial elements of the process we cannot afford to ignore.
“All of us will have a new understanding of multiple elements of our lives by late September, and will see the ultimate cultural values we believe in and are willing to live and uphold.
“This will be another important retrograde, where the past will be reviewed to see what we can and cannot bring with us into the future in late September.
“It will help us rehearse or do the research we need to get ready to spring forward then, clear about what we know, what we need to know, and what must happen if we are to move forward into living a new archetypal role.
“Renewals, returns, reconnections, reunions, and new beginnings are promised by this retrograde.”
And just to clarify, Robert Wilkinson explains:
“While it seems as though Mercury retrograde is associated with things that malfunction and miscommunications and delays, we must remember no planet or its influence is good or bad unto itself.
We are the ones who determine our ‘destiny,’ based on our choices, which shape our character.
“In that sense, ‘character is destiny,’ and so we have the responsibility to determine whether we will be active or passive in responding to life’s challenges.
We have free will and no planet or star ‘makes’ anything happen. They merely indicate the larger patterns we live within, and by understanding those patterns and what they symbolize, we are in a position to be in harmony or disharmony with inner and outer ‘reality.’
“This is the power of our individuality to rise above inertia, superstition, and obsolete, inadequate, or fear-based belief systems.
“Mercury retrograde has been with us, and will be with us, for a long, long, time, as long as the planets have their present orbits around the Sun.
“The more we learn about this recurring phenomenon, the more able we will be to take advantage of our ability not to get lost or bogged down during Mercury retrograde periods.
“We may experience delays or confusions or deflections, but we do not have to suffer while making our way through such things.
“By learning how to use Mercury retrograde periods wisely and consciously, even if our affairs are momentarily diverted in strange directions, coordinated in some unusual ways, or take some peculiar twists and turns, they often turn out for the best over the long run, whether we knew that or not during the retrograde period…”
“I have found over the years many good things can be accomplished during these periods.
“Sometimes there are extremely fortuitous connections made, whether renewing something from this life or another one. Sometimes we get insights about past things and people that allow us a more well-rounded perspective about how they ‘guided us to our Soul.’
“And of course, reviewing the past and reflecting on recent developments is often necessary if we are to move into the future without getting hung up on the past.”
Copyright © 2016 Robert Wilkinson