navajo sand painting

The symbolism of the center is ancient. It is the primordial symbol for returning to the source, to the point within where heaven and earth meet and equilibrium and balance can be restored. 
We must remember that what we are looking for is our center. What we truly want is to get back to that oneness that is experienced when we return to the center.
Living in the world of the mind, swinging back and forth in many directions, whether giving or receiving, being in the past or in the future, trying to grasp meaning and direction, we can get dizzy, it’s easy to lose your way. The way back to balance is through the center.
Navigate your way though life by first finding your way to your center, which is always in the now, in the present moment. As you navigate your way back into your center, into the primordial essence of you, you will know what to do in every moment.
Follow your breath and allow yourself to move from your core as to what feels right for you in every moment. Learn to abide more and more in your center, when you drift, return to it. Recognize how it feels within your body. Feel it in your body, breathe into it and exhale for that is home.
Times are charged right now, we are all releasing and expelling energy, the only way to remain “centered” is through the center. This is the key message right now. It is your roadmap, it is your balance and it is your way to freedom!
The symbolism of the center is primordial symbol that has surfaced in all cultures.  Mircea Eliade said that it’s the place within every microcosm that is “sacred above all.” It is in this center that “the sacred manifests itself in its totality.”
Different expressions have manifested as “the center” such as the cosmic tree, a ladder, or a stairway, but what they all symbolize is a connection to the numinous, the metaphorical navel of the earth where “absolute reality can be experienced.” Being in this center symbolizes a connection to Life itself, finding oneself “without effort in the Center of the World, at the heart of Reality.” (Eliade)
I recently read that Carl Jung was fascinated with drawing and painting mandalas, for they symbolically represent the path to the center, to individuation. He believed that “the goal of psychic development is the self. There is no linear evolution; there is only a circumambulation of the self.”  In working with mandalas, he eventually realized that like the designs he was drawing, his own life had been a series of meandering paths that bent back upon each other and yet always led back to the center.
Keep finding your way back, you know the way…