david palladini via MYSTIC MAMMA


Ok for all the Kaypacha fans, here is his latest Pele Report. I cued it to begin when he’s getting into the core message but if you wish to watch the whole thing just move cursor to start ;) Here’s his breakdown:
“This is definitely a time to be cleaning the karmic house before being ‘allowed’ to move on. We’re in the eclipse season with the Sun and Mars joining the Moon’s south node symbolizing the light shining on the past so the sword can cut the ties that bind. If you are feeling bound up these days it is important to persevere, endure, and put everything you’ve got into doing it right. The Saturn opposition is calling for high integrity and no one getting away with anything. The more you do now the more will come back to you ten fold. Take that anger and channel it into productive activity and everyone will benefit. Aloha……”
Mantra for the week:
This is taking more than I thought,
I never seem to have enough,
But since time is the test of desire,
I will continue to walk through these rings of fire.”
Like he said and I concur, Hang in there! There is a lot of challenging energy right now but we will get by!