rprtm- Nara PratamaART: NARA PRATAMA

Here is Brother Kaypacha with his weekly Astrology report.
“The time is NOW to be who I am,
Fully expressed as a woman or man,
Releasing the guilt of man-made religions,
To be an example for the next generations.”
About half way into the report he says:
“…Life is pressuring us, Life is pushing us. Life is making us irritable and tired so that it throws off these layers…”
“When you are feeling good it’s easy to avoid problems and issues. But Life is now stressing us and pushing us and making us tired and irritable and like adrenal exhaustion and everything…and so we are like all getting so sensitive. Sun Chiron in Pisces, we’re all like you now no immune system we’re all thin skinned. And we’re all Ahhhh…
“…Sometimes, your know somebody is going to trigger us and we didn’t know we had an issue until that person pissed us off. And now I have an issue where I didn’t have an issue before.
“…We are all using each other now as mirrors to become more aware of our issues so that we can heal these issues and move into a new paradigm and move into a new reality.”
“…We’ve got a lot to let go of. It’s gotta come up for us to let go.
“When it comes up, and when you attach to it, it’s an issue. When you let it go, it becomes an non issue. I encourage you, let it go…
“Lighten up. It’s a great time to lighten up. Throw off the burdens of the past.”