Nikolai Konstantin KalmakoffRussian


Here is brother Kaypacha with his weekly Pele Astrology Report for this week of November 18 2014.
“I must pull myself together 
And rise up from the ashes,
Rekindling the flame
Of love for all that happens.”
Kaypacha says in the report:
“It’s time to just hang in there, focus on expansive…this is the Pegasus, this is the Fire, this is the Sagittarius that is inclusive and is expanding more and more beliefs, more and more opportunities, more and more acceptance, more and tolerance more and more understanding of the diversity we are living in.
“And through that support everyone will come around and be healed through the power of love. And be healed through our compassion and understanding…our heart space, our magnetic field, our positive realities that attract people towards a new paradigm. 
“So again it’s not about judging and making things wrong or making people wrong, but just by going with the law of attraction of what feels right and strong and light and joyful to us…
“We heal our own wounds and become lighthouses for other ships that are out in there in stormy seas. May you be a lighthouse this week as this New Moon moves into Sagittarius and gives us a little push to expand our limited realities.”