Here is brother Kaypacha with the weekly astrology report:
“I can complain and criticize,
Finding fault with you and I,
But I would rather spend my time,
Learning how to fly.”
In the report he says:
“This is going to be a great weekend! Yes! It is about play, self-expression, children, pro-creation, fertilization.  This is just like a really beautiful amazing time to reach out forward into the unknown. And to bring out new aspects of ourselves that maybe we’ve been hiding or been afraid to show, it’s time to get on the stage…”
“The mantra today has to deal with maintaining this positive place and I always talk about the Law of Attraction as different from the law of repulsion…
“I am attracted to something positive and beautiful and I am forward in a positive headspace. I’m not bitching and moaning and complaining and pointing fingers and blaming and holding resentment, jealousy and anger at something from the past that repulses me and I want to get away from.
“Because just keep in mind…time, energy and attention…what you are attentive to, what you are focused on, is what you are going to see and ultimately what you are going to create.”