Astrological report says a storm is brewing… Great to have an understanding so that we can allow and flow, move with the cyclical nature of things. Become empowered. Spirit rise!
Kaypacha’s Mantra for the week:
“I feel a storm is brewing,
It both frightens and excites,
My powerful, natural Instinct,
Like lightning soon will strike!”
Kaypacha says:
“Mars coming into Cancer this weekend (to join Lilith/Jupiter) is like a good thunder and lightening storm. Rather than grit your teeth, suppress yourself, and try to do “business as usual,” how about NOT? How about FEELING those feelings, honoring those feelings, and letting ‘em RIP! Clear the space, clear the air, like a good storm does and feel your NATURAL POWER well up within to make change without. WoW ‘em!
If you want to hear the whole report and get the download on the astrological placements move arrow to beginning. Otherwise I’ve cued it to he starts to break it down…