Josh Kirby-via-mysticmamma


This week brother Kaypacha says:
“There is so much chaotic energy swirling around this planet right now that it is easy to get swept into it like getting sucked into a tornado. It is a test of our self mastery to hold and manage our energy now. If managed well this great new power emerging within each of us can and and will bring the New Earth.”
“I am so anxious I’m ready to burst,
It’s hard to decide what to do first,
I must remember that in this dimension,
Time holds the keys to my future expansion.”
He warns about it being a time when people can go nuts and loose it…highly unstable mental vibrations and states of being. The tendency  can be to try to escape and in doing that to overdo, overdose on too much of everything, too much stimulation. If anything it’s a time to breathe, meditate, be still, and slow down. 
It’s actually a time of tremendous self-discovery. But it is also a time not to get too impulsive. We need to be mature. He says:
“It’s easy to criticize, it’s easy to blame, it’s easy to point fingers…but until each one of us is ready and mature enough, and patient enough and objective enough, and in our own integrity and in our own truth, enough, the Universe will, Life will, Spirit will, bestow upon us the power that we deserve, the power that we are ready to manage and handle and direct responsibly. Life has its own justice, its own laws, and when we are ready it’s going to give us what we can handle, make no mistake about it. You don’t have to push the flow…”