Wow. Get ready for a full on impassioned report this week! The forecast is strong as we rise to face the shadow internally and collectively. Time to take empowered action to make a change. Kaypacha speaks of anger rising as we look to transform but let’s instead channel that anger into collaborative action that can make a difference in this world. Let’s tap into our feminine creative powers to find solutions to create new avenues, new roads to come together for the greater good. Kaypacha says:
“This week brings in the Saturn/Moon’s North Node conjunction that we have been building toward for quite some time!  Congratulations on ascending to ever greater roles of world creation!  
“This reflects a time of some sober, serious, responsible choices that need to be made (and carried out). Let’s hope that countries and business, as well as ourselves and intimate others, move toward breaking the old paradigm of underdeveloped macho masculine approaches toward problem solving (war, domination, and exclusion) to an evolved integrated creative approach!”
He also adds:
This week is all about 11’s, a master number… We are all being called to task these days and it can be hard…”
“The challenge afforded us through these times is to integrate the feminine qualities of softness, feeling, and inclusiveness into our personal and social lives. The old, easy way is when the going gets tough, we turn callous, cold, and hard….. let’s see if that can change into a strength that includes rather than excludes the wisdom of the feminine.”
Kaypacha’s mantra for the week:
“I have a right to be angry and get fired up,
When giving voice to the Goddess whose had enough.
For by piercing the silence imposed from without,
We create a new world we can get excited about!”
He also says:
“We’ve been afraid of speaking our truth, but now is the time… Now is the time…time to get going! Make it happen.”