“One might ask: What is the best way to take in everyday life to lead one to life’s ideal?”
“The best way is to consider harmony as the first principle to be observed; that in all circumstances and situations and conditions one should try to harmonize with one’s fellow creatures.
“It is easy to say, but most difficult to live; it is not always easy to harmonize. But if we question ourselves as to why it is so difficult, the answer is not always that other people are difficult and not pliable; it is we ourselves who cannot bend. The palm tree that grows straight up cannot harmonize with other trees whose trunks are not so straight and strong.”
“There are many good people, but they are not always harmonious. There are many true people, but their truth is not always comforting. They may utter a truth which is like a slap in the face to someone. They are just like the palm tree, straight and righteous, yet at the same time not in harmony.”
“A harmonious person can bend, is pliable; he can meet others. There is no doubt that in order to harmonize one has to make sacrifices; one has to be more pliable than one is by nature; one has to be more clever than one really is; and all these attempts will not succeed unless one makes great effort, unless one realizes that harmony is the most essential thing in life.”
~Hazrat Inayat Khan from The Heart of Sufism
I love this. I love that this quality toward harmonizing, is an inherent FEMININE quality which we all possess. We must cultivate it individually and collectively as we move forward in co-creating our new world.