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Here we are, most likely feeling the strong swirling energies of the eclipses. Time to take it all in, ground into Mother Earth and trust that the energies we are feeling are our very own personal evolutionary spirals activating and undulating us toward our next level expression and embodiment.
We must trust in this movement as it shakes open our hearts and helps to dislodge the places that have been stuck. We must ask the deeper questions so we can uncover the root hurt/idea/perception/ unmet need that has kept us bound in a reactionary pattern. 
Time to unravel our own myth, untangle the knots and open our heart to all the infinite possibilities that exist and all the infinite love and magic that makes All of Creation so vibrantly alive.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved interpreters of the planetary guidance maps:
From the wise SARAH VARCAS from her Astro-Awakenings.co.uk:
“A lunar eclipse is a time of mystery and magic, revealing the hidden face of who we are and what we do.
“It offers a precious opportunity to see more deeply into the consequences of how we live our lives…”
“In part, the moon relates to childhood, when we’re at our most vulnerable: dependent on nurturing protection and wise encouragement.
“A lunar eclipse may therefore bring to the fore memories, thoughts and feelings from early life, illuminating how such experience has shaped us…”
“Whatever our childhood experience, it may become a defining issue at the time of a lunar eclipse as we reflect on all that made us who we are…”
“The unconscious may speak loudly too, when ordinarily we ignore its feathery touch.
“If so, it is time to recognize the parts of ourselves we’ve banished into darkness, refusing to acknowledge them out of denial and fear.
“Unsettling though these experiences can be, they set the scene for greater emotional freedom as we learn to accept thoughts, feelings and memories exactly as they are. This is the only way to step fully into the present as the moon waxes once more towards full, and what is often a solar eclipse two weeks later.
“As such, a lunar eclipse signals the need to be gentle with each other and ourselves. To recognize that the human life can be intensely challenging and we can help ease some of that angst simply by the ways we treat each other.
“Reaching out the hand of friendship to someone in pain may become the difference between life and death. A smile and quick chat in the checkout queue could make the day for someone living in lonely isolation… all can contribute to our own well-being amidst the myriad pressures we face in the modern day.
“A lunar eclipse reminds us just how vital it is to attend to our inner world, our emotional life, to listen to the storm within, not push it down in the hope it will eventually go away. 
“It won’t. For that storm is you and me and everybody: feelings and emotions passed down through the ages like a baton in a relay, denied and ignored, repressed and avoided, simply wanting and waiting to be heard.
“Things previously confused and confusing are now made clear. But they must be further obscured before clarity is born.
“In the darkness of this lunar eclipse we may encounter a sense of dread or despair, as if the light threatens never to return. But these moments will be brief and simply set the scene for the coming illumination of truths previously hidden in the shadows.
“This is not arcane knowledge accessible only to the ‘chosen few’ but instead an everyday revelation that makes sense of things we feared we’d never understand.
“This eclipse comes with a robust sense of self, able to withstand with surprising fortitude life’s challenges, enjoying a healthy sense of detachment from the seductive dramas of life.
“Just when we thought we may be wrestling with familiar issues for evermore, something lifts and the intensity of recent months gives way to a wider perspective allowing greater hope, choice and encouragement…”
“The payment to be made does not leave us empty and depleted but is, instead, a willingness to make this wisdom our own and allow it to transform our life into a vital, breathing testament to truths revealed.”
© Copyright 2017 ~SARAH VARCAS All Rights Reserved


From the insightful CHAD WOODWARD from his Kosmic Mind:
“Eclipses can generate  an awareness of something larger, more powerful running the show…
“Eclipses have the power to poke holes in our ego/identity, revealing things deep within us that we’ve been avoiding or totally unaware of.
“Syncing up with Mercury’s retrograde cycle, this eclipse season is powerful and dynamic in terms of changing our focus, direction, priorities, and perceptions.
“Eclipses also reverberate through time. They connect us to the past and future in deep, encompassing ways.
“Whatever we’re currently dealing with has its origins long before this moment and will have consequences for months in the future.
“Eclipses are not isolated events, but a long process of change and reversal of circumstances.
“Since this is a south nodal, lunar eclipse in tropical Aquarius, we are working on releasing, moving on, and then stepping more fully into the future after the solar eclipse on Aug 21.
“That means that the themes you’ll be dealing with during this lunar eclipse will be issues from the past: moving beyond stagnant attitudes, habits, and perceptions that are no longer useful.
“In the two weeks between this lunar eclipse and the following Aug 21 solar eclipse, we’re in a process of archetypal death…”
“And since eclipses are simply more powerful New or Full Moons, after this Full Moon, we’re heading for a more pronounced death/rebirth at the New Moon/solar eclipse.
“The shadow of Aquarius contains feelings of alienation, social rejection… It can reveal a victim consciousness due to social exclusion, an attitude that is essentially antisocial (against maintaining or creating cohesion and peace) or unconsciously rebellious (rebel without a cause).
“Look to see how this has shown up in your life, and how these patterns have been in the background somewhere… 
“That will relate to the need to overcome fear of rejection and step into our creative and expressive power.
“Or it can relate to the need to overcome intentional isolation and righteousness into a more active participation in the life drama. Where have you been a spectator in your life?
“Have you withheld your gifts out of fear that others would judge, persecute, or seek to devalue them? Or have you been mindlessly rebelling due to an inability to accept your uniqueness thereby suppressing your true individuality?
“Obviously find not every eclipse will impact everyone the same (or much at all)… 
“With Jupiter making a helpful and dominating trine, it blesses this lunar eclipse and offers help, assistance, and support when we need it most.”
© Copyright 2017 ~CHAD WOODWARD  All Rights Reserved

From the wonderful PAT LILES from The Power Path.com:
Here is the energy for reform and innovation with truly inspired and original, inventive solutions to tangled situations
“Here too is the urge towards revolutionizing and moving forward in all areas of social change, social responsibility, and standing up for the society you want to live in…”
“Aquarius owes its brilliance and eccentricity as well as its rebellious nature to its ruler Uranus – the Awakener, the Observer, The Exile. 
“Uranus helps us realize the future – see it, as well as simultaneously create it…
“Well, that’s what we’re called on to do now- bring the future we want down to the Earth plane.
“We can:
-Revolutionize without resisting – directing strong emotional responses through our integrity and balanced judgment in this polarized world we find ourselves in.
Create in the cosmic realms, the Quantum field, the invisible worlds, the astral and let it manifest through you into the physical world (without attachment to how it gets created – leave that to Spirit….)
-Innovate pushing the edge/boundaries of what you have done before or intuited before.
-Cooperate banding together with the like-minded and using the power of the group and the collective to wield some real power for change.  Joy and healing live there – being with others and ending separation.
“The eclipse window in Leo is pushing us across the bridge of ego, pushing breakdown, pushing crisis, pushing the shadow up to be heard, seen and witnessed. 
“Uranus doesn’t care about your discomfort.  It sees into the long game, the future and all that can be gained by a shattering realization or crisis.”
© Copyright 2017 ~ PAT LILES   All Rights Reserved


From the illuminating CATHY PAGANO from her Wisdom of Astrology:
“All eclipses help us shift our reality…”
“This eclipse asks, how can we let our Leo leadership abilities, our creativity and our bravery shine out to add to, not take away from, the Aquarius group Mind?
“I like to think of Aquarius as The Round Table where we all sit as equals, and this eclipse tells us to stop being afraid to let ourselves shine out, especially when we’re with our group.
 “So let your Lioness roar and call out to your group. The roars from your pride will come back to you. And then let your group—your pride—support you.
“Lions are also playful – one of the ways lionesses teach their young… Don’t forget, fun is definitely a Leo word! 
“And passion! Another good Leo word, for passion ignites consciousness! We are most creative and ourselves when we’re having fun!
“…This year, the opening of the Lionsgate is especially potent, since astrologically, the Leo Power Gate is at 15* Leo…
“With the Full Moon occurring at 15*25’ Aquarius/Leo, we are truly in this energetic vortex… that is a doorway to the riches of each of these archetypal journeys.
“In Leo, the riches we discover are self-confidence, power, leadership, pride, creativity, self-awareness and light, our light.
“In Aquarius, we discover our visions for the future, our connection with society and our archetypal Mind. 
“This Aquarius Moon will shape and embody these Leo gifts, will take Leo’s offerings and shift out what is useful for our collective well-being…”
“This lunar eclipse will be seen all around the world except for the Americas…”
“…Go outside and be in nature so you can hear Mother Earth’s wisdom.
“Venus and Ceres, the nurturing Mother, swim together in Cancer. Our hearts need are our hearts need.
Love what really nurtures your growth, not what nurtures your fears.
“This aspect is like the Tarot card, the Empress. She is life’s fertility, beauty, peace and abundance. Let her swim and imagine, because Neptune in Pisces will support her imaginings with the power of the Collective Unconscious.
“The World Soul needs us to acknowledge what we’ve rejected and vilified.
“Instead of power, ask for love. Instead of work, ask for creative expression. Instead of money, ask for vitality and fun. Instead of fear, ask for hope!”
© Copyright 2017 ~CATHY PAGANO All Rights Reserved
Gratitude to the wisdom that guides us all and to these wonderful contributors. May this offering be helpful, and as always use only what resonates and feels true for you…
*Eclipse* Blessings to all!

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