We have been integrating what has been brought to light in the past few weeks and are ready to move out of these deeper waters. This Full Moon in Scorpio illuminates the last of it, and calls for us to gather our courage and take action that will enable us to  move forward.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from the most insightful readers of the planetary movements. First from the wonderful  Sarah Varcas and her
“As we approach Wednesday’s Scorpio Full Moon and distance ourselves from the recent Sun/Saturn opposition we can best use this time to consider where in life we are skimming the surface in order to avoid the apparent darkness of depths we would prefer were not there.
“This is not an exercise in misery or some kind of morbid masochism but a gentle coaxing of our attention to the places where it does not naturally rest… Think of it as tending to a painful wound. We don’t bash it with a mallet to make it better. We bathe it in soothing warm water…”
“A Full Moon in Scorpio shines its light in the darkest places, encouraging us to peer in and see what’s there, even if only for a moment. So as we approach the coming Full Moon we can invite it in rather than dread its arrival, prepare a place at the table and plan for it to stay a while.
“In so doing we are holding out the wound we’ve been trying to avoid dealing with and asking for a healing balm to be applied. If the wound is deep it may hurt at the cleaning stage. I can’t deny that. But this is the pain of progress, of increasing consciousness, of the growth of wisdom.
It is the pain that says something is now happening which will bring you to wholeness in due course. It is a different pain to the one which says ‘go too deep here and you’ll never return’: the pain of fear, denial, of living a half life because so much is banished to the shadows.”
© Copyright 2014 ~ Sarah Varcas. All Rights Reserved
From the insightful Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology:
“Like a snake shedding its skin as a form of renewal, the Full Moon in Scorpio calls to each to shed the layers that are ready thus bringing  a rebirth, allowing a new skin to emerge.
“The Full Moon in Scorpio occurs at 23 degrees on May 14th, 2014. As with any Full moon phase it suggests something within the subconscious becomes illuminated to conscious awareness.
“With the sign of Scorpio be prepared to feel intense emotions and delve deep underneath the surface to extract the truth and awareness…”
“At the time of the Full Moon..The theme is between valuing self and how others value you. It is the power struggle between the Spiritual values (higher dimension) and Materialistic values of the mundane (physical) world… The center point is finding the balance for both in an appropriate healthy way. There is potential for rebirth, renewal and re-emergence after such a deep purge.
“The sign of Scorpio is a water sign and a fixed mode of expression of energy. There may be an intense or burning desire that runs deep to remain attached (emotionally) to or hold onto someone or something even if it is toxic or unhealthy. Surely addictive tendencies are strong now especially if you are using it to cope with emotional pain or insecurities.
“There can be a fear of letting go or of being out of control or a fear of feeling too much all at once.  Though the letting go process is about releasing control and allowing the energy to flow…”
“It is also possible for an issue, emotional reaction, pain or unfelt grief that has been buried arises into awareness looking to be acknowledged, transmuted and healed thus the energy is recycled into fresh usable creative energy once more. It may feel like a deep and powerful purge of clearing out a long-held false security blanket…”
“Allow light of awareness to penetrate the dark areas of ignorance, shame and deep-seated resentment that lies hidden underneath issues. Give yourself permission to heal and move forward in your life, use the potential of the Full Moon in Scorpio to symbolically die to be reborn.
“The Full Moon in Scorpio making a connection to Saturn in Scorpio-Rx suggests taking accountability for past choices (or no choice), actions and behaviors. To mature and handle the situation or issue with integrity. Something or someone from the past may push a emotional fear yet it may be a lesson and with wisdom you may approach it from a new level knowing it is there to help you grow.
“The key now is mature self-empowerment and practicing trusting  yourself outgrow old emotional habits.”
© Copyright 2014 ~ Dipali Desai. All Rights Reserved
From Cathy Pagano from her Wisdom of Astrology:
“The Scorpio Full Moon occurs on May 14 at 12:16pm PDT/ 3:16pm EDT/ 7:16 GMT.
“… Like Persephone looking back to her Underworld home…we also have to look back and remember what we have learned about ourselves and others… We remember what aspects of our personality needed to die so we could have a renewed, more meaningful life…”
“We can also see what collective shadow elements we’ve let go of, due to last year’s Moon nodes in Taurus (SN) and Scorpio (NN)…And as with all dealings with the Shadow, once we integrate what is driving that shadow, we can find a more balanced expression of those qualities.  We become aware of how old values and traits can be re-birthed to give them new life.”
“Venus is in Aries, at exactly the same 14th degree of the Cardinal cross that occurred a few weeks ago…Venus is the Great Connector, opening us to the truth of our times and helping us listen to our hearts.   We can see how the world’s heart is opening over so many issues.  Venus will help us open our hearts to what is needed so we open our minds to new creative solutions for our common problems.
“…With Mars slowing down to stop its’ retrograde motion and turn direct on May 19th, the warrior archetypal just might re-emerge as a man of heart, courage and truth.”
Copyright 2014  Cathy Pagano All Rights Reserved
From astrologer Divine Harmony:
“This Full Moon is in deep, intense, passionate scorpio and it is conjunct karmic, masterful saturn. This is definitely a heavy lunation that requires we dive deep and look at our own shadow/karma/darkest stuff…”
“…The positive side of Saturn/Pluto is that we are in the perfect frequency to dive down deep…this is also the perfect time for cathartic release of the past. So cleanse that closet, let go of that clutter, go on a juice cleanse/raw food detox… Wherever the energy is stuck, stagnant and no longer moving- now’s the time to facilitate a new flow of energy coming in to clear it all out.”
“…With Venus in Aries squaring Pluto the same day as the Full Moon and then conjoining Uranus the next day, we have more shake ups, wake up calls, breakdowns and breakthroughs playing out in relationships, finances and our personal values. With venus in a more dynamic, extroverted sign- that fire is likely to be experienced palpably in the form of energy and courage or in the form of anger, irritation and conflict with others…”
“The key at this time is to be willing to see what is not working, defunct, stagnant or old paradigm and then be ready, willing and able to face it, own our part in it, and then take conscious action to shift things into a better frequency of expression.
“For some this may mean radical shifts in existing relationship structures, for others it may mean ending relationships that have come to the end of their road (or maybe even passed the ending a while back!), and still others there may be new relationships being formed under this intense pressure! However it manifests though- the inner experience all dials back into the masculine/feminine balance within.
“…this lunation is ultimately about empowerment and clearing out toxins that inhibit you from really owning that and living your life from that place.”
 © Copyright 2014 ~ Divine Harmony. All Rights Reserved
 From the cosmic Robert Wilkinson from his Aquarius Papers:
“An overview of this period ruled by this Full Moon shows it will illuminate our ability to assert ourselves in ways where we take command of situations, or see the broader context of some path we’re on. This is a stabilizing, practical, and liberating Lunation, with a lot of focus on deep feelings that will help us eliminate what is stuck and regenerate out of incorporating ‘inspired teachings’ into our daily lives.
“This is a threshold Lunation, where Mars shows the way to a sense of relief at having made it through some metaphoric ‘rapids.’ This one takes us into unknown zones that are strangely familiar, where courage is everything as we move into a deeper faith, as well as new values, new life forms, new life resources, and new ways to enjoy life. See what brings you down, and renounce it completely at the core of your being.
“This can give us a sense of control over what fills the voids of our existence, and we can grow through hanging in there, putting our best self forward, not settling for lesser things when greater things are at stake, and continuing to reinterpret upheavals in our recent past, seeing them from a wider, more symbolic angle. While this is an agitating Lunation, it also will substantiate and confirm certain elements of our new life that we’re learning to value within the dance of relationship.
“The coming weeks will be powerful in helping us eliminate whatever is no longer relevant to our purpose and ability to respond to growing into a more mature role in our world. Dualities that arise can be resolved by making a leap of faith demonstrating some form of magnetic or emotional mastery over those dualisms.
We’ll all certainly be able to get to the core of things, and see the innermost life and vitality (or lack thereof) in people, situations, and arguments.
“With the Moon in Scorpio, find an appropriate emotional vehicle to navigate this time of tremendous feelings. Clean out, clear out, and/or repair whatever you need to in order to be able to interact with others in non-corrupted ways.
“This period can bring us a great joy by opening to a more unique way of dancing with others, and seeing recent beginnings and endings as offering a glimpse into a higher purpose….”
“As usual with Mars in Libra, don’t let things spin out of proportion. The Cardinal T-square requires that we be very balanced in extreme situations or when with extreme people.
“This is a time when we should be able to look back at rapids we’ve successfully navigated, with the provision to remember to continue to blunt unnecessary aggressive tendencies, be moderate and measured in your responses, and when appropriate, be a peacemaker, since that is leading us to a vision that will be perfected between now and mid-July.”
“…The next two weeks will bring lessons in self-transformation toward a more effective destiny, or set of duties and disciplines. Continue to maintain balance as you clean up the residue of what has already fractured in your life. We are now in a new era, and are on the threshold of things beginning to develop a lot more quickly than they have in recent months. While things may still feel somewhat slow, they are about to quicken in a big way.”
© Copyright 2014 ~ Robert Wilkinson All Rights Reserved
And from the always wonderful Pat Liles from The Power
“Revealing my prejudice, I admit the full Scorpio Moon of feminine power is one of my favorites. Scorpio being of the water element and fixed in nature expresses its need for depth through transformation, intimacy and emotional truth…”
Transformation involves becoming aware of the inessential and ruthlessly (because that’s how Scorpio rolls) focusing on eliminating it to make way for the new. The rising from the ashes’ and powerful Phoenix totem of Scorpio represents this life-changing process.
A brave heart is required to want to shift the habitual, known and comfortable to live more consciously and in the truth, and scorpionic transformation invariably comes through lessons from our earthly experiences and emotional relationship with others.
“Many are relieved that the exactitude of the Grand Cross is over, but it’s not like that. The close alignment of those four planets represented an initiatory portal where a grand number of people managed to tolerate the raising of the planetary frequency and rattling of the cosmic windows and come out on the other side.
“We were able to withstand looking at some of the darker aspects of our ego programming as well as reach to incredible heights of love, connection and synchronicity guided by Spirit…”
“The power of this time is to support the work of clearing our 1st and 2nd chakra emotional pathways of past experiences and move to forgiveness and neutrality for all the lessons it took to get us to our present state and to learn to turn up the love dial to the highest setting we can embrace…The work of the Grand Cross of 2014 has just begun!”
“…Now with the aid of Chiron, our collective, past emotional woundings can dissolve and morph into the source of our gifts and strengths-a gut level understanding emerges and we gain a healing and holistic view of our lives. Our perspective expands and clarity clicks into place. We have a knowingness of how we want our lives to feel and move towards that greater fulfillment.”
“…These are magnificent times! Change and shift are to be welcomed. Let these fixed, feminine power signs of Taurus/Scorpio help you see where you are emotionally entrenched and resistant and surrender to the gifting that is coming your way.”
© Copyright 2014 ~ Pat Liles  All Rights Reserved
FULL MOON Blessings to all!


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