maiden to mother
The transition from Maiden to Mother is immense, it is a Rite of Passage. It is one of the greatest thresholds you will ever cross. Be brave my sisters, if you are being called to the great calling of becoming a Mother. It is truly a gift that will herald you into your fullness and you will blossom more than you could ever imagine. Yes, it is not easy, but you have all that it takes.
One of the most fundamental changes that will occur is that your gaze, your focus, will shift. As a Maiden your gaze is inward on your inner world, your thoughts, feelings and desires. As a Mother, your gaze shifts outward toward your child, as they become the center of your focus and attention. This is what truly marks it a Rite of Passage, for your experience of yourself will change. During this transition be gentle with your self, and realize that as you grow into your new self, into your mammahood, you will find your inner strength and power emerging.
You are by nature, a natural expression of the Feminine principle. All the qualities are inherent in you and you are walking a road that has been walked by women from the beginning of time. Open up to that power, and access your inner wisdom and strength and know that you can and you will. Remember to ask for help and take the time to find balance for yourself. Be brave, be true and you will, with an open heart, bless the new generation of angels to walk this earth.


On the issue of fear or rather sadness and loss that arises, realize this is normal. You are embarking on a new life but a new life that will herald you into your fullness, into your mammahood.
There is nothing like it and you will grow more than ever before into a beautiful strong tree that will give shelter to your little bird or birds.
There is a loss yes, of the old you. But the GAIN, your strength! It’s what it’s all about, and you can’t even imagine it or conceive it until it happens to you, until you become transformed from the core of your very being. When you take the leap and finally emerge on the other side and realize that you Are, you are matta, mother~ nothing more beautiful…
Embrace this beautiful calling, it is a gift.
We are blessed to be able to have this unique experience as women.