“One of the most fascinating insights by this remarkable poet (William Wordsworth), is the natural revelation of the divine that surrounds us in childhood, which very child breathes in and is surrounded by all the time, and knows without knowing.
“Natural mysticism is the environment of childhood; it is what nurtures us. The child is exposed to the cosmic revelation from birth and infancy. This is the child’s world, a world that has a fresh, magical, numinous quality.
“For Wordsworth, children are born as nature mystics. They approach the divine, and are approached and enveloped by the divine reality, through the natural world. It is the medium through which they experience and process their religious experiences; it is their teacher, friend, and constant companion, the source of wisdom, value, and enthusiasm. They see all of life through this timeless mother before everything is interpreted for them in the categories of others.”
~Wayne Teasdale from The Mystic Heart