“It’s a matter of becoming mindful that we all live from the earth, and that we are all part of the earth. And that’s not some sort of hazy saying: that’s the truth.”
“Every time we eat something, we’re engaged in a direct, one hundred percent dependency and reciprocity with the earth. The problem is that it’s so easy for us to forget where the granola and the hamburger and the bean sprouts and the pancakes and the eggs and the corn chips, all the rest of that stuff came from.”
“It’s like saying grace. Gary Snyder talks about how we need a grace, a little reminder. That’s what I’m talking about with gestures of respect toward things. If people would think each time they sat down to a meal, if they would consciously remember where that food came from, I think it would be a significantly different world that we live in.”
“If people at least once a day were aware when they drew air into their lungs that air was a gift to them from everything around them, that that came from trees, and had gone through all sorts of other animals and all sorts of other people—if people would think of that once a day, we would be moving in the direction of a different world.”
“That to me is the really deep wisdom of the Native American tradition—and probably of traditional cultures all over the world: that mindfulness of where it all comes from.”
~from an interview with Richard Nelson in The Inner Journey