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*NEW MOON* Solar Eclipse in Leo. Oh the power of presence. Our presence = our power.  In each moment we live we have the opportunity to stand in it. Truly stand. 
Our Lion heart is so big. Our need to connect and feel loved is so strong, but sometimes looking for that external validation is what trips us.
Our inner Queen and King remind us to abide in the heart of Love. Roar who we are relative to Creation. Feel in our body that we are worthy and wonderful.
With compassionate love for Self, respect for Self and trust in Self, we can safely stand as Queen and King of our own jungle.
Our inner well is continually filled through our connection to the land and this animate universe that we are part of.
Once we are filled from that inner well we can step forth with maturity,  poise, and a compassionate open heart ready to hold our pride.
When we anchor that acceptance from within, we create a sense of safety that allows for all to come out and play so together we can revel in the deep passion of Life.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved featured luminaries.
LEAH WHITEHORSE from her LUA Astrology says:
“At a solar eclipse, the Moon (the unconscious) takes bites out of the Sun (consciousness/ego), eating away at it until we’re in the dark.
“With the light switched off, it’s like a cosmic power cut and we’re left fumbling around looking for candles.
“Often, we’re uncomfortable in the dark. Things look different. Shadows merge together to form strange shapes and nerves tingle as we try to figure out what exactly we’re seeing.
“This is the nature of the eclipse. It turns off the power to the conscious mind/ego and forces us to confront what is in shadow
“The key is to sit with the dark…
“The Moon and Sun are closely conjunct Pallas, goddess of pattern recognition, wisdom and strategy.
“She counsels us to keep a cool head and watch for creative, intelligent design at work in our lives. We too can see patterns if we stop and look carefully.
“When we move between light and dark, the first thing we must do is let our eyes adjust instead of blindly grappling for purchase.
“Chatty Mercury, also conjunct this eclipse, is uncharacteristically quiet. ‘Listen’ is all he has to say.
“Our hearing becomes more acute in the dark to compensate for our eyes.
“And so, we stop for a moment, listen, pick out patterns…
“We start to feel empowered, strong, ready to step up to life’s stage. A world of experience awaits us…
“Have no fear. What is revealed now will be a lesson on how to find the light within and shine brilliantly from the heart.
© Copyright 2018 ~LEAH WHITEHORSE All Rights Reserved
 PAM YOUNGHANS from her North Point Astrology Journal shares:
​​​​​“August might be called the ‘month of the retrogrades.’… a grand total of six planets — seven if we include Chiron — moving backward…
“Retrograde planets direct our attention inward and to the past…
“With so many planets retrograde, the Cosmos appear to be impressing upon us the necessity of tying up loose ends on many levels, before we can fully embark on the next stage of our journey.
“A Yod formation also plays a significant role in this eclipse.
“A yod is called ‘the finger of god’ due to its fated quality and how it pushes us to learn important lessons so that we achieve necessary soul growth.”
© Copyright 2018 ~PAM YOUNGHANS All Rights Reserved
SARAH VARCAS from her Astro. Awakenings.co.uk illuminates:
“On 7th August Uranus… (began) five months retrograde…challenging the restrictions we place around ourselves...
“It’s easier to spot outer restrictions than inner ones.
“We’re usually so close to the beliefs underpinning our self-image we have zero objectivity. It can be impossible to see ourselves as anything other than who we think we are.
“This blind-spot is the source of our greatest limitation. We can defy the restrictive expectations of the outside world all we want, but if we can’t perceive where we suppress ourselves we become our own oppressor. 
“Uranus retrograde says it’s time to stand back, take an objective view and question the most fundamental assumptions underpinning our identity.
“Why is it so important to see ourselves a certain way, be acknowledged for particular qualities or define ourselves as we do? What do we gain and what do we lose? What’s really going on?
“And most importantly, what would happen if we dared let even our most treasured identity be blown to smithereens by Uranus’s liberating power?
“If we follow this lead in the coming months fear of change can dissipate, the terror of non-acceptance subside and the oppression of ‘what will they think?’ diminish, deferring to a richer engagement with life’s ups and downs.
“Uranus’s square to Mars in Aquarius emphasizes the importance of detachment from the reactive emotional charge triggered by threats to our self-image.
“If an aspect of our identity both limits and defines us in equal measure, letting it go may threaten the very fabric of our life.
“Facing the void that follows its demise can trigger intense fear, and there’s no shame in this.
“Deep-rooted change unsettles us to the core, challenging all we’ve relied upon to face the world each day. 
“It takes profound courage to do this inner work…
“Softening around our self-beliefs, entertaining the nuance of ‘maybe I’m not who or what I thought’, creates space for new perspectives.
“If the contraction of past trauma and unhealed pain clips our wings in the present, the coming months will allow us to tend these wounds.
“It may hurt at first, but the freedom of healing will more than eclipse the numbing entropy of a life spent avoiding the pain…
“The final of three eclipses since mid-July, this one both consolidates and facilitates embodiment of the changes demanded by the other two.
“Aspecting Pluto, it affirms that what looks like destruction is the beginning of new life and references the primordial chaos from which all beingness is born.
“As we awaken we encounter this chaos as the rising of our shadow self: those thoughts, feelings and impulses we’re mobilized to avoid.
“Just as an abscess must discharge in order to heal, so must we allow the full force of our instincts to arise into consciousness.
“This process of inner rectification challenges us to ever greater levels of self-acceptance.
“We are not made ‘spiritual’ by identifying only with positive emotion and loving intent.
“Denial of the shadow is not an act of wisdom but of inner subterfuge, designed to protect the fragile ego which cannot yet accept the truth of who we are.
“With so much polarization occurring on the world stage – violence, narcissism and protectionism at the highest level – it’s easy to lay claim to the moral high ground and yes, it is important to call out abuses of power for exactly what they are.
“But it’s equally important to look within at our own feelings of superiority, hatred and intolerance. They’re the ones we have power over, the ones we can actually change.
“This solar eclipse strengthens us to acknowledge and embrace them, curtailing the chaos wrought when they’re denied and ignored.
“In turn this diminishes, bit by bit, the power of the collective shadow to foster divisive ideologies of hatred and exploitation around the world…
“Many will be relieved to know that the eclipse season comes to an end on 15th August, as does the square between Mars and Uranus which has stirred up trouble in the past three and a half weeks.
“This easing of what has been a considerable amount of pressure for quite some time may feel disorienting at first, as if we’re missing something or have overlooked an important task that remains undone.
“It may take a few days for us to settle into this more low-key ambience, but as we do we’ll begin to feel the impact of a trine between Saturn and Uranus which will make its supportive presence felt until the end of September.
“This trine may come as an answer to many prayers, allowing us to translate recent inner shifts into external change.
“The frustration of having to accommodate old conditions whilst undergoing radical inner transformation will give way to burgeoning clarity about how to reorient our life to reflect new awareness and priorities.”
© Copyright 2018 ~SARAH VARCAS All Rights Reserved


“The great alchemical work we are engaged in is to bring our soul’s passion and purpose into the world, despite the forces that work against our individuation.
“It takes courage and faith to go against the collective rules of society, to stop giving into the fears it provokes in us.
“It’s time to begin to work on our soul purpose…
“A solar eclipse is an extra powerful New Moon that weaves together our solar consciousness and our lunar consciousness. It signifies a new beginning.
“It’s a time to plant seeds that will blossom in the next year.
“So take time to meditate, imagine and listen to Spirit so you can shape those new seeds of solar light.”
© Copyright 2018 ~CATHY PAGANO All Rights Reserved


Here is ELLIAS LONSDALE‘s interpretation of the Chandra symbol for the Degree of this Solar Eclipse: 
“LEO 19: A hummingbird feeding at a trumpet vine. 
“Heightened perception exquisitely poised, brilliant and as fast as can be.
“You have the genius of seeing things, knowing things, being there. Overflowing with destiny-bounty earned over many lifetimes, yet you bring all this through with a fine-tuned ability to land in the situation at hand with only as much as can be worked with.
“You are guided to follow an extraordinary course through the world, which features the perfect opportunities to tap what is inside in so many different ways. The blessings, the grace, the heart’s wonder are super full.
“As this way of being ripens and matures, it becomes even better. Then you begin to draw out from others the same kinds of marvels and wonders, and to make it possible for the vibrancies to spread and grow.
“With a wildfire capacity to spread good news and bring affirmative realizations wherever they are needed in generous profusion, you work with ever more effortless capacity to bring this world alive.”
© Copyright 2018 ~ELLIAS LONSDALE All Rights Reserved
Love, love love~
*N E W M O O N – S O L A R   E C L I P S E*
August 11th 2:57 am PDT
August 11th 9:57 am GMT
August 11th 7:57 pm AEST