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*NEW MOON* in Gemini
June 3rd 2019   
3:02 am PDT | 11:02 am BST | 9:02 PM AEDT


Gemini energy is multifaceted, able to perceive through many lenses. Master of shifting between worlds.
There is a lot of moving energy right now, moving parts. New realities, perceptions and possibilities but so much information can overwhelm our senses.
So as we move with this energy of expansion, let’s keep our feet on the ground and use our discernment skills to navigate through.
Aspects to Neptune are making things nebulous and hard to discern. Things might not be what they seem, and illusions can be easily woven.
So step by step, breath by breath, here and now.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved featured astrologers:
PAT LILES FROM The Power Path.com shares:
“Is your mental energy all lively and flooding you with thoughts and possibilities?
“Well, rightly so. Entering the Gemini New Moon cycle is a spotlight on mental stimulation, learning, communication and connection. 
“Our lives seem to move along on express mode as so many channels are open and we weave a complex life of many threads..
“The Gemini/Sagittarius cycle is a mutable cycle teaching us about adaptability, making changes, learning new moves to keep up with the times.
“Gemini rules… the nervous system.  When the nervous system gets over amped, we experience anxiety and restless mental energy. 
“We’re learning to cope with way more stimulation than ever before and our bodies feel both excited and exhausted by it as our horizons expand to a global, planetary level.
“Vesta positively influences Mercury… Vesta says listen to your self, go within, find your peace and guidance from the sanctuary of the inner temple... Bring clarity to how you interact with your world.
“Pluto, our force for transformation and seeker of secrets is strongly aligned with Saturn, creator of deep structure and stability. 
“With these two strong and determined planets being pulled into the vortex of the South Node, we are experiencing what it means to live through unprecedented times of transition
Incredible amounts of fear and need for control are being released.  South Node is our portal to releasing the past, and Pluto and Saturn go after the most deeply entrenched patterns of lifetimes that we hold in the inner cores of our chakras. 
“Pluto is our teacher in that we transform through death, letting go, loss, surrender and out of the ashes comes rebirth, growth, power.”
© Copyright 2019 PAT LILES


LEAH WHITEHORSE from her LUA Astrology.com:
“As Neptune is at the apex of the T-square there are illusions, delusions, mirages, lies. Confused.com – yes indeed.
“This lunation is lovely for meetups, long chats with friends about everything and nothing… But overall, we could feel scattered and it’s hard to make decisions in this atmosphere.
“Probably the greatest challenge is that the Jupiter-Neptune square seems filled with promise and we’re so touched by the possibility of something better that we could make errors of judgement.
“… Jupiter and Neptune’s abundance of possibilities and vast array of options could feel very attractive right now. But we absolutely need to keep our feet on the ground.
“It’s not that there aren’t any workable ideas nor chance to improve our quality of life – it’s just that we need to ensure that we’re not chasing a rainbow.
“Write down your thoughts… Give yourself time to think but favor your intuition for making the final call.
“The Sabian symbol of this New Moon is : A Famous Pianist Giving A Concert Performance
“Despite the issues, there is an element of brilliance with this degree. To give a virtuoso performance, however, takes hours and hours of practice. The chances of hitting a bum note are high if we go out there and wing it.
“We need to keep our rhythm, know our part, be willing to slow or staccato as instructed. The more prepared and flexible we are, the better the chance we will make a success of any endeavor seeded at this New Moon.”
© Copyright 2019 LEAH WHITEHORSE


“It’s easy to see what we want to see with tense Neptune. It’s also easy to say what others want to hear- so it’s important to be honest and above board with others and do the work of discernment to make sure others are being honest with us as well…
“It’s easy to be deluded or misled. Media manipulation is also possible- so don’t just take everything at face value.
“What is the Truth? What is a lie? What is fact? What is fantasy?
“What is behind the curtain? What is going on behind the scenes? These are things to be tuning into in the coming lunar cycle!
“…There are a few Asteroids to take note of in the chart. First of all the North Node is conjunct Juno the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage (exact conjunction was 5/30) and they are both aligned with Orpheus…
“Having Orpheus aligned with Juno on the North Node- the symbolism speaks to something we are losing/grieving that is part of our destiny and evolution…This New Moon is conjunct the Asteroid Magdalene- doubling down on the theme of great love and great loss…
“This is tied up with feeling our feelings, moving through our grief, honoring our emotions and taking care of the inner child within.
“With Saturn on the South Node- we want to move AWAY from bottling it all up and repressing it and we want to move towards deeper and more expansive emotional intimacy with all that is. This is the path towards healing and freedom!
“Magdalena on the New Moon also brings in themes of Divine Feminine spirituality. Amable says that ‘Magdalena is related with a commitment to a group or collective cause, toward which is felt a deep affinity’.
“…This lunar cycle has major themes around what we are committed to and what we are no longer committed to and ready to leave behind (represented by Saturn on the South Node- completion of karmic contracts and closure for the past).
“..Neptune is about Higher Inspiration- opening up the lower mind and lower heart so that it can reach for/experience more.
“The key is going to be discerning intuition from fear or fantasy, inspiration from imitation, transcendence from escapism.
“And the path towards true inspiration requires we get out of our head (air) and into our emotions (water) and bodies (earth).
“Essentially reclaiming the feminine elements and Divine Feminine energy that is needed for healing on the planet.
“So in this very Gemini/airy lunar cycle- open your mind to your heart, feel your feeling don’t just think about them.
Surrender your mind into your heart.
© Copyright 2019 DIVINE HARMONY


NEW MOON love~



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