The EQUINOX is here on September 22, 2013! Whatever part of our beautiful planet we find ourselves in, we welcome the theme of BALANCE as it is echoes all around us. For a symbolic reflection and some ritual ideas to activate this re-balancing you can read this post here.
Across the cosmos this theme reverberates as the Sun enters the sign of Libra, the energetic embodiment of balance, harmony, relationships and beauty.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights for this time of turning…
To begin with some illuminating insights about this balancing from Elaine Kalantarian and her Blue Moon Astrology:
“This Sunday, the Sun will enter the cardinal, air sign of Libra to stay until October 22nd. The Sun’s entry into Libra each year marks the time of the equinox, the first day of autumn, here in the northern hemisphere, the first day of spring south of the equator…”
“So issues of justice, balance, and harmony and facing how our own light and dark aspects balance out  become fundamentally important when old Sol waltzes into equinoctial Libra…”
“Pluto is currently in cahoots with Saturn in Scorpio as the two are in a potent mutual reception: transiting each other’s signs…Pluto brings to light all of that which is broken, which is deteriorating, and no longer working because the bottom is falling out. If you are caught in the cross hairs of the Uranus/Pluto square you will be struggling with the urge to just Get Rid of IT, whatever that IT is.”
“Pluto is the planet that astrologically represents…Profound change, death, rebirth, power issues of survival, the use and abuse of resources, sexual power, all things hidden and taboo everything buried deep in the vast underground circuits of the psyche are associated with this small and distant, but nevertheless powerful, dwarf planet.
“How powerfully Pluto’s station at 8° Capricorn breaks shore in your life depends on how strongly the degree interfaces with your natal chart.
“Perhaps strange dreams are intruding, disturbing your personal universe, revealing imbalances you need to address more honestly. With Pluto, the truth shall set you free, but first it will undoubtedly irritate, repulse, or scare the living daylights out of you.
“Pluto is the antithesis of phony pretense, he can see right through it, and can tear you to pieces for it, for he is the God of the Underworld with x-ray eyes. Master spy Pluto can see all that you are hiding, hiding even from yourself: the dark underbelly, all that’s been buried in those deep recesses of the subconscious….”
Now is not the time to ignore what’s coming up, especially the darker, more disturbing stuff. It is time to face your own dark side and the world’s dark side with courage and conviction…”
“Because of Libra’s association with relationships and partnerships, these important ‘adventures’ in our lives will be taking on greater significance over the next few weeks as the Sun moves through this Venus-ruled sign. What other aspect of life provides us with so many ‘opportunities’ to learn lessons of equity and harmony?
“Ruled by the Goddess of Love, Libra sees cooperation, consideration, and graciousness as mandatory, and she’s right. They are important qualities found among those most capable of successful relating.”
“But there is another side to the equation and Libra’s opposite sign Aries, is just that side. Aries, a firey yang sign ruled by assertive Mars, is focused on the needs of the individual self; and for Aries, it is the quest for independence that is paramount…”
So while the Sun is shining through the relationship lens of Libra, it’s a good time to look at which direction the scales are tipped in your life. Do you tend towards the Libra or the Aries side? And what can you do to right those scales a bit better? How can you find your personal fulcrum point?
“Aries and Libra, ruled by Mars and Venus, together are the archetypal Lovers, but they are also antagonists as well…Adversaries who test us, and make us face ourselves in often painful and unwanted ways are equally symbolized by this house. It’s that higher truth that the people who annoy us the most are often our best teachers, because they reveal what we deny in ourselves.
“Our partners and our adversaries reflect important knowledge back to us, but to gain this wisdom, we must first have the courage to peer into these brightly lit, often unflattering mirrors.”
© 2013 Elaine Kalantarian, All Rights Reserved.
And some additional insights Pat Liles from The Power Path:
“Excellent support exists in the Equinox chart with the Grand Square in practical Earth signs still active and a most benevolent Mystic Rectangle. This last formation consisting of at least 6 planets and asteroids aligned in trines and sextiles is another strong indicator of support and opportunity for all that you infuse with your intention especially active at the exact time of the Equinox.
“Water and Earth signs predominate giving strength to the feminine attitude and aspects of life support, nourishment, cooperation, receptivity, practicality, interdependence, fertility and creativity. With the movement of the Sun into Libra on September 22, we will welcome increased objectivity and perspective, blessed qualities of air signs.”
© 2013 Pat Liles All Rights Reserved.
So as we welcome these balancing qualities of Libra and seek to embody them in our own lives, let’s take the time to honor these turning points and make it sacred with some intentional activity and a grateful heart ;)
Equinox Blessings to us all!


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