“As we express ourselves, we unfold and evolve…So we always seek to further our evolution by finding a way through which our personal medicine powers—our talents—can be revealed. Sometimes, that inspiration is unconscious; sometimes it is known. Sometimes so strong is the impressing urge for expression that the true identity of our spiritual self is revealed in the inspiration.”
“Inspiration is collective and individual, because all energy that exists is in cooperation. All energy that we expend is in group service, whether we are aware of it or not. Each of us is finding a way through which we can best express ourselves.”
“So that we may co-create—add to, shape, build, deflect, improve, beautify, combine, and do much to birth the Fifth World of Peace and Illumination—the Sacred Parents have provided us, the children of the Universe, with all the knowledge and talents necessary. Together, we fashion; we create.”
“…The more we exercise our connection, the more connected we are. The higher we reach out in acts of love and integrity, the higher are the vibrations to which we respond and the more truth of purpose that is within us can express itself.”
~Maria Yraceburu  from Prayers and Meditations of the Quero Apache