“In order to hold onto our identities and our purposes even when under attack, we need to find and anchor our basic sense of core worth. Core is a wonderful word that refers to the center, where the life force is held.
“The core of an apple is the center of the apple, but it is also the place where the seeds lie. From this center of potency, a whole new apple tree can arise.”
“…So at our core we are each the ultimate and highest value. There is no rank or comparison here, no striving or proving. At our core, we are each a deep and potent well of self-creation…”
“When we touch the deepest part of our own self, when we touch our true potency, we touch a place that is far beyond criticism or flattery from others, far beyond any defeat or accomplishment in the outside world.”
“When we touch this place and anchor it, so that we can return to it at will, we have created for ourselves the strongest possible defense… we will be able to keep weaving, spinning, and sewing no matter what others may say or do.”
~Starhawk from The Twelve Wild Swans: A Journey to the Realm of Magic, Healing, and Action