Kaypacha’s mantra for the week:
“My thoughts emerge out of my feelings,
Like plants that grow out of the earth.
To find the roots of my happiness,
I must loosen and dig in the dirt.”
Additional words from Kaypacha:
“The report explains the mantra but there is so much more to say! I refer to this week as approaching a set of rapids and that it is time to get ready to ride. What I didn’t mention was that this is a time when there can be so much hustle and bustle and busy-ness that you get distracted from the long range intention…. don’t let that happen! It is like getting too caught up securing everything down in the boat and getting so absorbed that the rapids sneak up on you and you blew it haha! Keep your eye on the river of life, let the little stuff go and choose your battles wisely….. InJoy!”